Did ya’ll have fun?  Thanks to all who entered the contest!  As to guessing how much the table of squash weighed… some of you, er, one of you was dead on!  And two others came purty durn close to the final squash tally.

The total poundage for the stockpile of squash on this here table  is…..  475#

The envelope…Drum roll,  please…..

And the winner is:

Andrea (475#)

Congrats, your guess was spot on!

We also have two runner up winners:

Carol (450#)

Deidre (482#)

All ya’ll will be getting a 2012 Little Homestead in the City Calendar.   We are expecting the shipment to  arrive any day now. Hope you guys enjoy the calendar!

Urban Bee Update

The hives are loaded with honey; but we have seen some hive beetles running around. So, we have to set up some traps.  Plus, we have spotted a few varroa mites around, so the guys dusted the hives with some powdered sugar.



We had film crew here for a couple of  days this month and we’ll keep the readers posted when the  piece will air.

Garden Update

Transitioning the garden from summer to fall.  Peas, greens, lettuce, root crops and more!  Whether we like it or not, another flush of squash is coming it.  Help!

Only three more months left in 2011.    Fall in So Cal  means not only the traditional pumpkin harvest  but also  tropical treats start to ripen, such as  pineapple and strawberry guavas.  A farming friend of ours brought us boxes of organic jujubes from his place – come and get them at the Front Porch Farm Stand (open Sun – Fri 10 am – 6 pm).  Not to mention  that you can also take a few squashes off our hands – I beg you!

Compost Update

The guys finally finished putting the compost in barrels – they still have to screen it, though.  Plus, we also finished putting up 2 new smaller compost bins to replace the one giant pile.  It should be easier to manage this way since we are running out of space.   Now, if only we can find a place to put all of the finished compost…. sigh.

Stocking Up n’ Organizing

We also have been busy updating our online store.  We apologize for the glitches which  now should be fixed.  Let us know if there are any problems! Stay tuned for a list of new items that we are now carrying

This month was pretty pathetic on the canning up front.  I am ashamed to even admit that I didn’t put up one jar, not one!   Been so busy I just couldn’t clear out a day or two to get down to canning.  Now there are no excuses since all that “summer” harvest is finally coming in.   Not putting if off any more.   No, sireee.

Note to self:  I have to make some time for canning.   Maybe the upcoming canning workshops Sis & I will be hosting will give me a much needed final push.

But good news is we did some major organizing of our seeds and emergency supplies (like first aid, water, survival and camping equipment, etc.)  that we have stored in the garage.

Well, that’s about the run down of happenings here on the homestead.  Now to last month’s tally!

September Harvest Tally

892 lbs Produce (fruits, vegetables, herbs)

Eggs  102 (Duck)  43 (Chicken)

0  Jars “Put Up”    Dear me, that’s just downright pathetic.

2011 Year to Date

4,273 lbs Produce (fruits, vegetables, herbs)

Eggs 958 (Duck)  458 (Chicken)

405  Jars “Put Up”


  1. Ginger says:

    thanks for the update…you make me smile…I didn’t can because my paltry harvest was all eaten as it came off the vine. But considering we were gone caring for my MIL during planting time, we are happy. We did harvest our peaches for the freezer–green smoothies here we come!

  2. Jamie Woodside says:

    Have you considered selling your excess compost at your farm stand? I would bet people would love to buy it, especially if they aren’t able to make their own!

  3. elaine nieves says:

    I think that Jamie’s suggestion to sell your excess compost at your farm stand is an excellent one. I’m certain that some of your readers are getting their gardens ready for fall and can use some of your homegrown compost. Thanks for keeping us informed of what’s happening on your homestead and the lovely pictures you always take. Can’t wait to see what was filmed so let us know when it will be televised.

  4. steph higgins says:

    from my 12’x5′ and 8’x4′ gardens I was able to put up:
    5 jars of stewed tomatoes
    10 jars of green salsa
    2 jars of zucchini relish
    11 jars of pickles
    … 10 jars of tomato sauce
    1 jar of beets
    3 jars of Garden tomato sauce
    3 jars of blueberry jam
    11 bags of blueberries
    2 bags of peppers
    5 bags of green beans
    2 bags of swiss chard
    4 bags of paste (i ended up having to freeze instead of can

    • Anais Dervaes says:

      WOW!!! That’s great. Way to grow and put up!

  5. SouthCoastGuy says:

    great post, lots of interesting information…..and oh yeah….475lbs of squash…WOW!

    • connie says:

      Thats alot of SQUASH! AWESOME SQUASH!

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