Can I stop it? Is it possible for me, one speck, one person, to do anything at all to halt the relentless, overpowering flow of the mighty river which is mainstream modern society? It has become more swift, more turbulent and, thus, more monstrous; and, now, with each passing day there comes the ever-rising danger of a system gone viciously berserk.  

No longer can one go to sleep at night wrapped in the comforting belief that tomorrow will be just another day. The place where there exists the stability of sameness has disappeared completely off our map. What happened to home, where was found all sweetness in the face of familiarity? Wild, this river has run through it– through it and around it and over it!

On and on, the unrestrained system escalates its rampage. Yet, many are willingly aboard eager to ride the river in hopes of exciting riches. All, caught in its gorging current, are at its mercy. Answering to no one, this river, after all, must be recognized for what it really is: a tyrant.     

So, how do I fight this type of tyranny? Following the way of the salmon, I’ll try for the path going upstream!