Self-watering container

Q. Dear PTF,

Love your website… it most certainly inspired me. I have a question about your self-watering containers. I have made a couple using your instructions obtained from the website, but how do you support the tomato’s at they grow? Also, the pictures of your self-watering containers, are they the same design as your links instructions? Thanks and keep up the good work.

Milwaukie, Oregon

A. Regarding homemade earth boxes, ours are pretty much the same as this one

You can support tomatoes with any typical cages/trellis (bought or homemade) wire, bamboo, etc. You can stake the cages in the self-watering container (depending if your container is big enough) or outside in the ground and train the tomatoes to trellis on the support. Experiment and find out which way works best for your situation.

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