Self-sufficiency steps

Q. Hey just found your web site and I am very interested in your life style. I grew up with a grandfather who loved working the earth and taught me some of growing a garden, but I have since grown away from working the earth. I wonder what would be required to have a self sustainable property out here in the 4 seasons region of Omaha Nebraska.
It has to be easier with the weather you have in your part of the country, but there has to be a way out here too.

I am a programmer and I love technology but not at the expense of the Earth. I have been searching for an electric bike for commuting and I have been growing a garden for a few years but I am no where near ready to sustain myself or my family. I would be very interested in the logistics of how much land do you need to grow what you eat for a year?

What steps do you take to get off the grid?   Scott

A.For a summary of some of the steps we’ve taken towards self-sufficiency and our food production statistics, please see our Web page “At a Glance”:

We haven’t lived your area of the country so don’t have advice specific to your situation.  As a start you might want to investigate some of resources listed for Nebraska on the North Central Region Sustainable  Agriculture Research and Education (NCR – SARE) site:

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