The garden is in full swing here on the urban homestead. There’s a whole lot of seeding and transplanting going on.

seedling-1.jpg Farmer Justin show off soil blocks filled with baby kale

seedling-2.jpg Squash emerge from the soil blocks in the greenhouse

seedling-3.jpg Newly transplanted sprouted potatoes

seedling-4.jpg Beds of gourmet greens

seedling-5.jpg Newly planted bareroot strawberries

gardenmar20.jpg Farmer D works in the garden

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  1. PhoenixJen says:

    I’m just always amazed at the beauty of plants and nature – your seelings and your planted beds are delightful to behold!

    Viva las seed blocks!

  2. Ken Kunst says:

    Great photos of your transplants. Really gets me into my own thing here in Napa on my “Finca en la Cuidad! I need to try doing those seed blocks for better efficiency/health of seedlings etc…There are so many techniques I need to incorporate into my urban homestead , but that’s what’s so great about you all and your site…you can see it and read about it and learn. Thanks so much for all you give.


  3. emilyB says:

    I am looking forward to seeing your summer garden this year, we are just getting into the swing of things for winter, the sun is getting lower and the nights are getting cooler, won’t be long til the 1st frost!

    We are kind of glad as if we eat one more zuchinni or cucumber I think we will bust! We are really ready for fresh peas and fresh beetroot.
    Your strawberries look great! Do you purchase new stock every year or reuse the runners?
    Thank you!!!!

  4. mary says:

    I would love to know the size and construction details of your green house. It looks almost like a bakers rack with plexiglass sides and back. Is there anything that covers the fourth side?

    We have such a small space here and my seedlings are kept indoors near sunny windows – but that is not the best light – not like what a greenhouse would provide. I don’t have space for a full shed style green house – so what you have caught my eye. I have just the spot for something that size.

    Your seedlings look so beautiful! I am inspired to start squash indoors now that i saw your pics. I usually just plant it directly in the beds in April. [i’m zone 6]. Do you plant squash in beds? That sure takes up a lot of room. Maybe you use some sort of trellis system for the viney growth?

    Your strawberries look a lot closer than i plant mine. Maybe its the angle of the photo? Will they produce well in such a compact arrangement? My second year plants have blossoms already – i am SOOO looking forward to fresh berries again.

  5. Ruthie says:

    I was also wondering how close you plant your strawberries — for future reference. 🙂

    PS I apologize about not doing a homegrown meal lately — it’s still very snowy here and I’m kinda sick of sprouts! Come May though we’ll start on our goal of producing 100% of our produce.


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