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Join the urban homesteaders of PTF for a local sustainable film festival this Saturday evening.

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We’re Growing!

I know, I’m sorry if I had you spilling your herbal teas all over the keyboards or comfy robes with my last post. I have to say something to keep ya’ll excited over what’s to come (God willing).

Currently our domains and (and eventually redirect to at the moment.   It’s long overdue and I’ve been hinting for sometime now that there are changes/growth in the works and these website domains give you a taste of what’s to come.

OK, some more hints to wet your appetite.

One of our plans for the new website(s) is going to be more diligent in publishing numbers. In other terms, facts and stats from the urban homestead. Harvest totals, energy and water usage and more.   So you all can follow our progress and that mean’s there’s definitely a lot to do till the launch.

In addition, we’ll be transferring PTF and all affilated sites onto a sustainable server.The team here at PTF is slowly preparing the ground for the seeding the future. You can help support this growing movement by donating to PTF’sGrow the Future.

And that’s all I can say for the time being. Look for additional clues, hints as we work towards 2008.