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Q. I’ve toured your place and appreciate all you’re about. Could you kindly direct me to your best sources for seeds, young plants that grow well in our region? For example, I’m eager to try rhubarb, potatoes for the first time. . .
Our Simplicity group is interested in a tour at your convenience and when the garden is peaking ; )
Thanks much,
Donna M. Sider, RN, CRC

A. A list of our favorite seed companies that we purchase from can be found on our website at:

Rhubarb and potatoes starts can be found at local nurseries in the area right about now.

Look forward to our newly designed and expanded site to be launched in the
new few weeks that will include update calendar of events and informative
video clips and much more!

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  1. frugalspringfield says:

    This year we decided to buy all heirloom seeds for our urban garden. Last year we were living out west and bought plants from the local hardware store because we thought that would be more efficient and they all developed some kind of rot on the end of the fruit. I read later that the particular company that marketed the plants had problems with this all across the US. The poster, above, asked for information on potatoes. We grow our potatoes in plastic barrels. We found a 50 gallon plastic barrel that had been used for food storage and cut it in half and placed both halves at the end of one of our raised beds. We are just using sprouted potatoes instead of seed potatoes and they seem to be doing fine. This is a good method for urban growers or those with very, very limited space.

  2. frugalspringfield says:

    I forgot to mention in my last post, we got our seeds from a company in Mansfield, Missouri. They have an amazing variety of plants. This is the first year using this company so I cannot comment yet on the crops, but so far I have had a great germination rate. It would be interesting to have some kind of discussion on varieties of plants that do well in the urban garden.

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