To help out with your shopping this season, we’ve put together our very own Peddler’s Wagon Gift Guide

Top sellers are (not in any particular order):

To Go WareSportSun OvenOllaStainless SteelWater BottleKitchen ComposterGardening by the Moon Calendar (we have the beautiful 2008 in stock!)Sun Mar 200 Garden ComposterGreen Solar Cone Digester

and may we also suggestthe collection of sustainable book titlesincluding ‘How to Grow More Vegetables’ & ‘Low Carbon Diet’ Workbook and more!

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Positive Customer Feedback

I stumbled across your website after an internet search for steel water bottles. (I’m going to buy some, I just have to figure out what else I want, too.) I was really happy to discover your business. Everything about the feel of how you do things is very attractive to me – and you have some great products as well.So I wanted to send you fan mail. Thank you for maintaining a site packed with so much good stuff, and good luck to you.Sincerely,                                                  Heather

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  1. David says:

    Greetings Dervaes family,
    Is there a way to get the measurements of the metal water bottle? I’d like to get one for my road weathered mountain/ commuter bike’s water bottle cage & ditch the questionable plastic bottle.
    Got frost yesterday & had to pull out some matoe plants but the ol’ German Johnson heirloom still hanging in there. My HB hive project turned into a hidden native bumble bee hive. Community garden admin frowned on larger colonies :(. Love the NZ HStd history pics & the article on Mr. D’z Hb hive adventures. May the Lord bless us all w/ more land. He works in mysterious ways ;).