Don’t forget to check out the schedule of our little 15 min homemade production HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION (clips seen on OPRAH) screenings. Perhaps there’s one in your neck of the woods.

If not, well then what are you waiting for! Host your own.  Purchase the DVD and be inspired to be the change by living the solution.

Not only is HGR sweeping the nation recruiting urban homesteaders but this summer it’s going abroad.  To Greece actually!!!!

HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION has been accepted at the highly prestigious Eco Film Festival in Rodos Greece! Now if we can just figure how to drive to Greece….

The Other Film

Also the other documentary produced by Robert Mcfalls called HOMEGROWN will be screening at the Maryland Film Festival on May 9

In a recent email Mcfalls expressed interest in making the HOMEGROWN 52 min documentary available for community screenings sometime this summer.  Stay tuned for details.

That’s two very exciting pieces of information for both these films.  Who would have thought our little film would go this far…. the time is ripe for change!

Now that I combined these announcements in one post only 3 more entries to go.  But first we are off to a local school with our bike blender!

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