The highly acclaimed and anticipated HomeGrown – 21st Century Family Farm (by Robert Mcfalls) is now available for community screenings via :

Please note: (Since we are constantly asked this) —

Despite popular belief,  we have not received any monetary benefits from HOMEGROWN .  Zip, zero, nada, zilch, nothing.  So, although we greatly appreciate the support of kindred travelers and the effort of getting the message of sustainability to others, we just want our readers to know that hosting a  HOMEGROWN community screening will NOT benefit our fund raising efforts. The screening fees for this film do not go to us (the Dervaes family).


To be honest, right now we are in need of extra funds- funds to purchase licensing fees of some exciting new documentaries (including Homegrown) that we’d like to screen at our community Film & Food Nights.

Right now I have on my desk nearly a dozen new documentary titles sitting on my desk on subjects like bees, weather, consumerism, dirt, local food and more. But to purchase these films at community screening prices cost a fair amount of money, so please consider supporting more community events.

Thank you.

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