Jordanne snapped these gorgeous photos – it’s a wonder we actually made it home.  You could drink in these scenes forever!

EcoFarm Conference (whose unofficial motto was “Still Dirty at 30”) sadly ended.  Inspired, it was time go home and “kick some butt” as a friend put it.

The sun came out on the last day of our trip so we decided to mosey on down the scenic and spectacular Hwy 1.

The drive home would take longer on HWY 1; but, reportedly, is the most dramatic meeting of land and sea in the world.   The winding drive down was worth the a little bit of tummy unrest (for me) as we gazed out into the majestic Pacific Ocean.  Before heading inland we stopped off in San Simeon to check out the congregation of elephant seals.

The scenes from the car window were breathtaking!

Now that you got the scoop from our travels, it’s (thankfully) back to our regularly schedule postings – and answering some of ya’ll questions.

Once again, we want to thank all the people that made this trip wonderful and possible!

Wrapping up my personal thoughts from this trip.

I was touched how many youngters (in Nevada City) enjoyed Robert McFalls HOMEGROWN .  Meeting and talking with them was really wonderful.

I fell in love… with vanilla syrup, that is, thanks to Patricia’s husband, David (more on that later).

Seed exchanges are addicting and should be avoided at all cost unless you have room (grin) to grow!  So much for that advice – didn’t heed it one bit!

Every knitting project has a story.  Sure glad I brought mine on this trip.  At least I can say this latest hat was knitted in a dark and historic theater (yeah, I can knit without lights – Helen Keller did.  Stick round long enough on this blog and you never know what you’ll learn!) while HOMEGROWN was playing or held up in the hotel room with family and farmer Sergio, while watching the Beverly Hill Billies (I have unbelievable kinship with Granny daggummit) while it rained cats & dogs.

Also, Dominos pizza really does taste better!   Um, do you just fall out of your chairs? 😉  You take what you can get on the road, you know.

Walking on the beach with a long skirt during blustery weather is, well shall I say, “interesting!”

On a serious note, the future of farming is at a critical crossroads.  What will “Organics” look like?  Read HELL NO CEO-The future of farming and food at the Eco Farm Conference!

We all came back,  determined to do better – in both our personal lives and here at the urban homesteading project.  There are always challenges to overcome and, with perseverance and humility, we hope we can climb the next mountain.

The end.

So there you have it!  Ramblings from Nevada City, Meadow Vista, Santa Cruz & Monterey.



  1. Janice says:

    Gorgeous Views! Wow, you got really close to those Elephant Seals! They can really throw their weight around so I’m glad you guys are ok! The Domino’s was a shocker! LOL! Skirts + gusty winds=Marilyn Monroe

  2. Rose says:

    Wow! Those seals are absolutely amazing! I love the coastline, in fact it reminds me very much of ours here in the Illawarra, NSW, Australia. Cheers, Rose

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