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SinkPositive Featured on TreeHugger!

TreeHugger has seen a few different water-saving sink/toilet combinations in the past, but there’s always room for one more smart implementation of graywater recycling on these pages. Take a gander at Sinkpositive from Environmental Designworks, a handy device that cycles clean water through the faucet, for hand-washing and such, and reuses it the next time the toilet gets flushed. As we have noted time and time again (not to mention How to Green Your Water), every drop of water saved is beneficial, and Sinkpositive is also a good way to visualize how much water gets used each time you flush. Upgrading to Sinkpositive’s “deluxe model” adds an aerator to the faucet, which makes for a more consistent flow; either model is available with free shipping until April 21 (that’s Earth Day), and Environmental Designworks donates a portion of each sale to the National Resources Defense Council to help protect the nation’s precious water resources.
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