Here’s a pictorial post from our weekly goat stroll in the Arroyo Seco on Saturday evening

The rains have brought mushrooms to the “Sherwood forest”

Wonder if these are edible? Does anyone want to try it?

Under the Colorado Bridge.  Blue skies and fluffy white clouds

Moss grows on the rocks

The “Big Muddy”

Fairlight and sunlight

The ever dramatic San Gabriel mountains (background) and the beautiful arches of the Colorado Bridge

Youngster on a walk enjoys petting the goats

Jordanne checks on a “wild hive”  Justin plans to bring them to the urban homestead…. when the feral bee capture happens, not sure, but stay tuned!


Next up a huge pictorial dispatch from the urban homestead!


  1. ~~Melissa says:

    Blackberry and Fairlight always brighten my day!

  2. jengod says:

    There’s a feral hive in my neighborhood. They found a hole under the freeway (I think it was either a concrete “vent” or just a possible electric light space) and I love walking by and seeing their traffic streams in and out. I always worry some anti-bee person will find them and have them driven out, but I love having them in the neighborhood!

  3. David S says:

    Amazing! The bees are still there. My most sucessfull queen/ hive came from a swarm that took up residence in a below ground water controller unit ;).

    Just make sure combs have no white mold from excessive water (Green & black mold doesn’t seem to bother the beesies as much (?). Another hive that had that condition was not as healthy & absconded. C’est la vie!

    Can’t wait for Master Beekeep’s D & Justins feral H. bee rescue :).

  4. Aspen says:

    Blackberry always looks like she’s smiling.

  5. Smily says:

    Wondering how close the neighbors are to your hives. I tried beehiving for a while, but just never got enough honey out of it fast enough to run to the neighbors and give them a jar. Guess that cost me…I eventually gave it up to keep the peace…

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