Mexican Coriander

JERRY: “You know why? Because people like to say “salsa.” “Excuse me, do you have any salsa?” “We need more salsa.” “Where is the salsa? No salsa?” ~ Seinfield Episode ~

We are excited about this latest addition to the herb garden, Mexican Coriander. We love cilantro especially during summer when the tomatoes, avocados and peppers are in full production (fresh salsa galore!). However, as you gardeners know, cilantro loves to bolt during hot weather and it’s a pain to keep a continuous planting throughout the heat of the summer.    This tender perennial coriander is much tougher and has the exact same taste of the typical cilantro found at the supermarket.

You will find a motley of different aromas coming from the kitchen these day as we spend time preserving the harvest. Today we were busy putting up tomatoes and peaches (even cooked up some rose petal syrup!)

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  1. Mimi says:

    Thank you! Thank you! for that reference to the Mexican Coriander. I have tried to grow Cilantro in Ft Worth, TX for 3 years. I love it but our climate is absolutely horrid for the likes of cilantro. I am definitly going to try some of the Mexican Coriander.

  2. Anais says:

    Glad to have tipped you off to this wonderful herb. Pretty neat to have stumbled onto it – now I can have cilantro all summer! This plant is definitely more hardy than regular cilantro and in a hot climate like yours and ours it should thrive.

    Happy gardening!

  3. dermot says:

    Ha! I just bought two mexican corianders a week
    ago…it’s beautiful – the nice jagged spikes make
    it a candidate for my herb patch along the sidewalk.

    It looks very thistle-like … it should deter
    casual plant abusers. Smells fantastic too!

  4. Anais says:

    Hi Dermot

    You too eh? 🙂 Everytime I visit nurseries, I gravitate to the herb section and this year is the first time I have seen Mexican Coriander on the shelves. A few years back they introduced Vietnamese Coriander, but it just didn’t have the same flavor. Where did you get yours? I got it at Burkards when he had the sale.