Goodbye Bunsie

We have some very sad news to report, Tuesday we had to put our 4+ yr old dwarf bunny, Sierra, to sleep. We are all very emotional over this traumatic decision, but it was in her (and our) best interest.   This past few weeks we could see that she was slowing down (her back legs were “dragging”), not her normal self.   She developed spondylosis of the lumbar spine and on Tuesday developed a serious complication because of her condition.

On the way to the SPCA, Jordanne stroked and fed her her favorite herbs from the garden (salad burnet and fennel) and also a few raisins.   She had enjoyed her surroundings, digging tunnels in the soil and hanging out with her pals (the chickens, ducks and goats). Sierra always welcomed us in the morning with a happy and expectant look and a half-hop, wondering what kinds of treats we were going to bring her from the garden.   Giving her over to the fellow who was to take her to “the chamber” we gals were a blubbering mess. The folks at the SPCA were very kind and respected our wishes to bring her body home with us to bury her in the garden.   She went to sleep and died in peace which was a bit of comfort to us. We all (more so Jordanne) are certainly going tomiss the little buns and her sweet self.  

Q & A

For all those of you who have left had questions for us to answer in the “comment box,” first off – thank you!  I will get to them as soon as I can. There’s has been a lot going on lately and I, especially, have fallen behind in responding to all you who left comments. We really appreciate your questions and feedback – so please keep them coming. Like I said, I will get to those comments soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding.   And to make it easier, I will email those of you personally with our replies so that you won’t have to go back and track down our responses.

Past Journal Images Now Viewable

For you folks who have been reading through all the old journal posts, I just realized that you weren’t able to view the images! Duh.  Transferring the old posts into this new format a few months back (March, I believe it was), I somehow managed to forget to change the images url path. As a matter of fact, I was clueless of this and just this week I accidentally stumbled on that realization. Boy, sure wished someone would have taken the time to alert us to the fact they images weren’t loading. Oh well.

So for a few hours yesterday, I went through the 500 posts or so fixing all the images.   So ya’ll now can read the post with images – helps, doesn’t it? Sure makes me feel better.  

Sheesh, and all this time I thought everything was fine – well, of course having copied and pasted the old format into the new there are a few problems with spacing, font and font colors but that’s tolerable – the images; however, were not.   I have to go and check each post to make sure I didn’t miss an image here and there, but so far it looks good.


I don’t know, but it must be the weather – something, because this week we’ve had four requests for interviews. Stay tuned.   Today we had a guy who is working on an article for Hope Dance along with a video/audio segment that he hopes release to radio and other audio/video outlets. On Tuesday and Wednesday two local reporters were doing a story on gardening and edible landscaping and early this evening Aaron fromGroovy Green will be interviewing Jules over the phone about the PTF project.

Metal Roofs – Green?

Or so we thought.   Nothing is as easy as “black and white.”    We were pretty bummed to learn that many of the metal roofing available have been coated with a teflon or a vinyl type coating (especially after seeing the movie Blue Vinyl and learning how dangerous and deadly pvc’s are to the environment and people’s health).    Basically, now it comes down the lesser of two evils, but it still stinks to have to be put into such a predicament.    On the homestead in New Zealand, Jules put up corrugated iron roofing and drank from the rainwater collected on the roof that was stored in a nearby concrete cistern – simple easy!

But here, now with modern chemicals in practically everything it’s not a very easy decision to make.   We had been debating for weeks – asphalt singles or metal roof and thought we made a good decision settling on metal roofs even though the are a bit more expensive figuring we’ve saved lots of money doing the tear down ourselves.

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  1. claire says:

    I am sorry you have lost your rabbit, she had a good life with you.

  2. Florence says:

    I’m so sorry that you lost your sweet Sierra. When animals that you know and love die, it tears a bit of your heart but that is a small price we pay for the joy and love that we have shared with them.

  3. Dermot says:

    Rotten news – it’s one reason why I’m in no rush to have pets…you’re going to outlive most of them.

    I had a dog that we should have put down, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to do it – that was a BIG mistake; it’s so
    much better to spare them the grief – though that’s a painful process for us.

    sorry again,


  4. Rebecca says:

    I’m so very sorry for the loss of your bunnie.
    God bless,

  5. Sean Epperson says:

    You might look into washing the metal down. I know it has been done to make the metal weather and look nice. It might take off the layer of garbage that is put on everything nowadays. Sorry about your bunny

  6. Jeff says:

    Sorry about your bunny. 🙁

    You might look into stainless steel roofing.

  7. Wildside says:

    Sorry about having to say goodbye to your bunny. Very sad.

    We often go through the debate of what type of roofing to do next (project coming up), but think the historical commission won’t go for anything but traditional asphalt or cedar (but cedar’s too flamable for a town so gungho for fireworks). Doubt they’d ever approve of solar panels (and we have so many grey days here anyway, hubby says it’s not worth the expense…). I do plan to collect rainwater off of whatever roofing though! So cistern and gutters in the works to plan for as well. Shh! Shh! No one needs to know so as to disapprove!

    Please don’t feel the need to apply to my comments (even if I might ask questions). I understand how busy you must be and commenting here is an outlet for my somewhat solitary daily life!

    Best get back to work now…

  8. Brian says:

    Can you answer the questions in the journal itself? Others ask such good qustions and I won’t get their e-mail.

  9. Jenifer says:

    I am so sorry about Sierra. I have a 9 yr old boy rabbit named October J who is the light of my life. Just hearing about Sierra breaks my heart and reminds me of the great blessing that it is to know a rabbit.

    I am so very sorry for your loss.