In ancient Rome, roses were often added to celebratory cuisine, and Middle Eastern fare still includes roses in numerous desserts. In America, candied rose petals were a favorite during the Victorian era.

It’s been a good year for roses.   Not only are the fragrant flowers useful (we like to make rose petal syrup to flavor lemonade — which is a favorite and desserts) but our goats love the roses too.  We get a kick watching the goats eat roses – thorns and all. Yeah, ouch I say!  But they could care less about the thorns and munch happily on one of their favorite treats.

Now with the peaches coming in season, going to try mixing flowers and fruit!

Nothing goes to waste here on the urban homestead; if it’s not consumed by people or by our animals then the worms get the rest.


  1. Talithia says:

    I have been thinking of adding roses. Do you now the best for eating etc. Just to have a name to ask for @ organic farm.

  2. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings says:

    Have you ever made Rose Petal Jam? Basically sounds like your syrup you make but just thicker.

    I made Rose Petal Jam one year from our roses. Only one out of 9 us liked it. lol DH said it tasted like we were eating perfume.

    Only the now 8 yo ds ate it. He has asked me recently if I would make him some more. I’m trying to get up the courage to make it again. lol

    What do you your rose petal syrup on? I’m thinking pancakes or biscuits but if warmed sounds like it would be good over vanilla ice cream.

  3. Kristin says:

    Those are so pretty! I too have been thinking of adding roses, but there are so many different species and cultivars, I have no idea which to choose.

  4. Djuna says:

    Yum! I love making sweet rose water, too, and I happen to have quite a few ripe peaches – I’ll have to sample the combination!

  5. Sinclair says:

    Do you use organic methods, and if so, what is the trick to having relatively pest-free, decent looking roses? I have plenty of flowers, but various blemishes on flowers and leaves. Truly, I leave the rose garden mostly to itself, and in sore need of tending, but I am not big on roses in general, so they are left for last. I would like to make better use of them, however, since it is probably wasteful to do nothing.

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