I always like hearing Farmer D speak and it’s sometimes (even with PTF’s publicity) a rare privileged these days given all the time he spends here on the urban homestead – doing what he likes to do best, farming or homesteading.

Anyhow, it’s even more inspiring to hear and read other unbiased perspectives.  Thanks for the post Megan. Oh, and you too can grow one of those mega squashes if you dare!  They are fun and very tasty.

Since this lecture at UCLA Farmer D has seeded/ founded Freedom Gardens and a soon to come associate site which will keep the food in the hands of the people, for the people and grown by the people.  Freedom Garden’s isn’t just a revolutionary social network and first ever “Facebook” for gardeners but a political and social movement that begins at the very core of human society and our relationship with food.

Growing beyond victory, towards freedom

Band together with other soildiers in a revolt to liberate our lawns and break our dependence on the corporate powers and dwindling fossil fuel supplies.

With battle lines drawn in the dirt of our backyards, patios or whatever available place, and  armed with trowels and seeds, we will fight for today’s pressing ecological issues–this 21st century global war which rages against Nature and the future of mankind.

Today,  for the first time in history, the very existence of the entire planet is in jeopardy. For this reason,  Freedom Gardens goes beyond the narrow, national patriotism of the old -fashioned Victory Gardens. A global, radical revolution is needed, one that will transform the planet as well as the individual. By planting a Freedom Garden it will not only help free us from “frankenfoods,”  petro-dependent foods,  mega agriculture  and terminator seeds, but it will also  transform our lives while revitalizing the health of our planet.

Let’s recapture our freedom from governmental and corporate bondage and regain our sovereignty over our food supply.  But, most importantly, by working directly with nature we do the best thing to change the world–we change ourselves!

Enlist now and begin “IMOBY.”

Now folks all over the country are calling for a Victory Garden revival or modern growing movement – it’s here and it’s called “Freedom Gardens.” Let’s get this community network growing by spreading the word.

Pssst, as you know the site is still in development but you are going be blown away by what’s in store for members.   Hint: Facebook and Meetup joined together for a mega social networking site.

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