Attention all you urban homesteaders and homegrown revolutionaries!

You’ve asked for it!

Now you can take your protest to the streets. Wear the “revolution” on your back.
The revolution will be homegrown! Can you dig it?

Pre-order 100% ORGANIC-ECO SCREENED TEES TODAY (please allow 6-8 wks for delivery)

Special introductory offer $20.00 (w/free shipping) Men & Womens available — order today!

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  1. Kaitlin says:


    Can you tell us what brand of tshirt you’re using? We screen organic shirts for our organization as well but the sizing is totally different depending on the brand.


  2. MaryM says:

    How about a tee shirt with your lovely harvest keeper logo…much less militaristic looking. I would be proud to wear it and chat with whomever might inquire.

  3. Kaitlin says:

    Hey again,

    I know you must be really busy! But when you get a chance can you please let us know what brand these shirts are because that will determine what size to get.


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