Our family is looking forward to 2012 with a mixture of uncertainty and excited anticipation. It’s a new year and there are new paths to travel.

If all goes well (God willing), we could have a chance to expand our outreach efforts. This is an exciting prospect for us; however, it will incur additional costs which as anyone knows can be burdensome.

We need you to pitch in and help our ever expanding outreach GROW this year.

Here’s how:

Drop off at our Front Porch Farm Stand or send to (see our contact info) your used  ink jet, laser cartridges, cell phones & ipods.  Collect them from friends & family, your workplace, etc and help us with making a few extra $$$ to help us help you.

Other Ways To Support Our Non Profit

Has this site been helpful, have you glean information to help you in your homesteading efforts?  Would you like to learn even more?

Purchase from our Online Store

Make a tax deductible donation  – even a$1 a month helps keep this site online

And if you have done one or all the above, THANK YOU for your support!


  1. martin johnstone, outer hebrides says:

    i think it will cost too much to send my used cartridges from scotland, i’ll just make a wee donation instead. 🙂

    • Anais Dervaes says:

      Thanks! Any “wee” donations do help 🙂

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