After serving coffee to farm stand members, sometimes we get stuck with leftover coffee.  If it were summer, we would easily whip up a glass of cold brew. But living without central heating, drinking anything ice cold is rather discomforting.

What to do with a glass of leftover brew?   I didn’t want to “toss” it out. So, did a quick internet search and found that leftover coffee makes quite a remarkable pudding (especially for coffee lovers).

“Why not try it?” we thought. Sure ’nuff, we made it and folks LOVED it!  Not too sweet with just a hint of coffee.

[yumprint-recipe id=’4′]Did you know leftover grounds can give your garden a much needed JOLT

What uses do you have for grounds around your homestead?




  1. Bob says:

    I pour old coffee into potted herbs

    I really do not know if it helps or hinders but saw “herb guru” at a farmers market do it

    the pudding sounds great we will try it.

  2. c says:

    I give it to my hydrangeas because I love the blue and cream blooms. I could put it on the blueberries, azaleas or rhoddies but I have acid soil and they do fine on their own. I have noticed that my hydrangeas will stay blue as long as I don’t use hose water. They must put something in the water that makes it very alkaline because my flowers will go from brilliant blue to red and not want to change back.
    So coffee grounds and rain water are saved for my blue babies.

  3. Ken says:

    I use coffee grounds as bedding for my rabbit hutches. They have slide out trays and I put the barely moist expresso gounds from our local coffee shop in the trays to absorb the urine – makes everything easier to handle when cleaning the cages. It all goes in the compost pile when we clean. We gather about 15 gallons of the grounds per week and they get distributed through the compost all over our yard (vegetables, flowers and lawn). Big improvement over the years. Ken

  4. Michelle Steen says:

    I use coffee grounds any where I see slug lines. It kills slugs.

  5. Amaranth says:

    Coffee in chili is good. In the summer try freezing the cooled down coffee in ice cube trays. Then make a blender drink with it.


  6. Beatrice says:

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