Veggie pot pie filling

Veggie pot pie warm out of the oven

Pasta cooked in the solar oven

Slice of veggie pot pie and salad

Vegetable casserole version one

Version one casserole with salad

Veggie soup

Vegetable casserole version two

Version two with salad

Whew doggie!  It’s been a busy week here at the urban homestead   Busy with bees (getting ready to harvest some honey!), battling bad bugs, moving the tender greens to cooler spot in the yard and getting things ready for a major can-a-thon.  I might as well admit to the fact that it’ll be awhile before we come up for breath!

The summer produce has been, for the last few weeks, lapping at the dam.  This week it finally topped and now the fun begins.

When the trickle becomes a tidal wave.  you gotta be prepared for the onslaught.  It can come at you fast and, if you aren’t prepared, can bowl you over, leaving you buried under a load of veggies and fruit.   For me, this time of year,  there are just too many darn veggies to choose from!  Should I make this dish, or that, or how about this one?   Heck, there are only three meals in a day; but, with the baskets of fruits and veggies, I feel like a kid in a candy store!  I want to eat them all.

This week with so much work, we opted to “keep it simple” and stick with “one pot” meal for lunch which we then can re-heat in the solar oven for dinner.   Saves time and uses a LOT of veggies at once – not to mention it’s filling!

The trusted ol’ casserole ruled the week as we tried out two versions.


All food items are homemade/homegrown/home preserved  unless otherwise specified

and …

If not from backyard, then locally produced
If not locally produced, then organic.
If not organic, then family farm.
If not family farm, then local business.
If not local business, then fair trade.


Breakfast – blueberry pancakes with strawberries
Dinner – flour tortillas with spanish rice, topped with sauteed green peppers and red onions


Breakfast – grapefruit from Farmer Sergio
Lunch – garden tea party!


Breakfast – skillet granola (organic oats, sugar and oil) with strawberries and yogurt
Lunch – vegetable soup (onions, green peppers, turnips, carrots, winter squash and greens)
Dinner – leftover veggie soup that was warmed up in the sun oven


Breakfast – french toast with honey
Lunch – veggie pot pie (green beans, carrots, turnips, winter squash, herbs) with salad
Dinner – leftover veggie pot pie that was warmed up in the sun oven with salad


Breakfast -skillet granola with strawberries and yogurt
Lunch – veggie medley “Casserole I”  (green beans, carrots, turnips, winter & summer squash and greens) with shredded carrot and lettuce salad
Dinner – leftover veggie soup that was warmed up in the sun oven with sun cooked pasta


Breakfast – french toast and honey
Lunch – veggie medley “Casserole II”  (green beans, carrots, turnips, winter & summer squash and greens) with salad
Dinner -herb pizza dough topped with tomatoes, basil, peppers, garlic with salad


Breakfast – grapefruit
Lunch – leftover veggie “Casserole II” with salad
Dinner – no knead bread, fresh tomato sauce over spaghetti

Care to share what you’ve been enjoying, eating recently? Are you making more meals from scratch or homegrown ingredients. What new dishes have you tried and liked?


  1. Monica says:

    My current favourite/craving: homemade tortilla slathered with local farm-bought cream cheese and then LOADED and rolled-up with fresh garden veggies and herbs (tomatoes and red onion are a must before anything else!)

    I love these posts of yours with the photos – really helps to have a visual. Thank you!

    • Anais says:

      @Monica: Oooh, that sounds yummy. Have to try that sometime soon. Happy eats!

  2. Mary says:

    I’m innundated right now. The dehydrator is going constantly and I’m processing the rest. Catalan pie: Saute in olive oil zuchinni, onions, garlic and tomatoes until you have a thick filling. Place that in a corn meal/ wheat flour yeast crust and before adding the top crust add sliced hard boiled eggs, capers, raisins (I dry my own), and any type of nuts you have available (I use pecans from our trees). Top with the dough and bake at 400 for 25 to 30 minutes.

    Now, back to peeling carrots for the dehydrator.

  3. Mimi says:

    Thanks for the recipes, ladies. I will have to try erveryone’s suggestions!

  4. Ryan Lucas says:

    Do you have the recipe’s for these on the website somewhere? They look delicious and I’d like to try making them! They look perfect for vegetarians (like me).

    • Anais says:

      @Ryan Lucas: Thanks for the positive comments, right now sis and I are working on compiling the recipes. Stay tuned!

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