Well, I’m a few days late but better late than never, right? There’s a lot happening so ya’ll pay attention, read all this stuff VERY carefully ya hear- thanks!

First off, thank you all for the lovely and kind bday wishes, appreciate them very much!

1. In case you missed it there’s a new 5 min video piece of the Urban Homestead, this one from “MY GENERATION” check it out “Self Sufficiency in the Heart of the City” You’ll get a tour of the urban homestead and see what’s it’s like to live like a more simple, self reliant life just stone’s throw from an 11 lane freeway. There’s a cute scene with the goaties playing “head butt u!”

2. Know your food, know your farmer! The front porch farm stand is full of surplus produce and other “homegrown” goodies like apple butter and grapefruit marmalade – if you are local and want to eat closer to home than consider supporting our very own community supported agriculture program. Actually, I think it’s better than a CSA because you are able to get what you want in the quantities you want it. No worries, no waste! Sign up for weekly produce updates at info(at)dervaesgardens(dot)com

3. Winners were announced for the Natural Poultry Supplement – congrats! If you weren’t one of the lucky ones, you can still buy it online here Jordanne’s trying to earn some extra bucks so she can bring some nifty new features to the sites. It’d be really swell if you can help sis out.

Keep your eyes peeled for more GIVEAWAYS at both Barnyards and Backyards and Freedom Gardens

4. This week on Barnyards and Backyards Jordanne wrote about the recent salmonella egg recall and about a survivor “self-grooming” survivor bee found in England who may well be the answer to varroa mite.

Megan wrote an article about Muscovy Ducks and 8 Muddy Boots about her first year raising Goats & Sheep

5. We also been do a bit of cleaning, er upgrading, our Urban Homestead Supply store – so please take a peek as the profits will help our ever growing outreach. Jordanne just added a few new POULTRY PRODUCTS like KELP & PROBIOTIC FEED ADDITIVE

6. Freedom Gardens network has been relaunched! We are really excited about this (and hope you are too!) because the new site will have contributing writers and a nifty new feature called “Ask the Aggies.” Where you can submit your gardening questions. So if you haven’t visited in awhile, come back and dig into FG – it’s (growing to be) a whole new site!

Check out the article about what to do if you have TOO MANY TOMATOES or this one about GROWING PROPAGANDA or this one about FARMERS MARKETS WITHOUT THE FARMER

7. There’s also a new Freedom Gardener of the Month – check out the interview! Not to mention a FIVE FOR FALL Seed Giveaway!

We hope that FG will be the place to find stories, information regarding growing food (seeds, soil, pests, etc) food issues/policies of the day or urban/rural farming related news stories and more!

I’d like to put together some gardening resources like planting guides and zone maps on FG so that, I hope, will come in time. Farmer Justin is head editor at and look forward to seeing him write all about his urban farming experiences.

8. Barnyards and Backyards & Freedom Gardens are looking for sponsors, if you are interested in advertising on any of these social network sites contact jordanne(at)urbanhomestead(dot) org

9. Do you love to write? Consider becoming a contributing writer for of (click on the links and you’ll be taken to the writer application form)

I’d like to get around to making some nifty images/widgets like “I’m a contributing writer on so and so.” Or “Visit my garden/barnyard at so and so

Perhaps we should ask for image art submissions? We could use some help.

10.You asked for more information and with these new sites the knowledge and know-how will be passed on to you. Now we need you to help us – start spreading the news! Can you do that for us? All you need to do is tell as many folks as you can, especially if there are favorite sites of yours that you visit – perhaps they’d like to know about these online resources. Many hands make light the work so we’d kindly appreciate some!

Oh and the weather person was right , the temperatures plummeting 30 degrees and we are back to wearing sweaters! Though I am not too confident in saying that we’ve kissed summer goodbye just yet!

I hope to get back around to posting updates from the urban homestead – there’s the weekly meal wrap up, what’s growing on in the garden (the August Harvest Tally) and more! Not to mention the duckies have sprouted tail feathers and a few have started to “quack” – actually sounds more like there’s a frog in their froat!

Feedback is appreciated, so speak up!


  1. Moe Speeks says:

    Wonderful Round Up as usual with lots of good things happening on The Homestead. You certainly do a lot to help the rest of us homesteaders Anais.
    Thanks for taking the time. We appreciate it.

    • Anais says:

      @Moe Speeks: Thank you kindly for saying it!

  2. Annette Triplett @ CoMo Homestead says:

    You folks sure are busy! It’s great to see that other urban homesteaders and gardeners can contribute and help you out.

    I thought the My Generation clip did a really nice job of featuring the urban homestead.

    Your front porch farm stand sounds fabulous. I hope to be able to do something similar sometime in the future!

  3. Laux says:

    Freedom Gardens looks amazing, I love it! Great job Jordanne! 😀

    • Anais says:

      @Laux: Thanks for saying that, means a lot!

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