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The Peddler’s Wagon will be filling up with a wagonload of sustainable items (some brand new) and coming into a cyber town near you and we need your input. The old time proprietors want to know what we should fill the wagon with, bringing goods that you need for your own urban homestead.   If you could tell us what you would be interested in, we would greatly appreciate the input. We especially don’t want a wagonload full of  inventory that nobody wants.  Besides, we don’t have enough room, well, unless we move out of the house.   Help us be better eco peddlers as we strive to provide fellow travelers and eco pioneers with quality goods at competitive prices.

Answers from the Urban Homestead – Tomatoes

Q. Tomato Cuttings? I read somewhere mato cuttings can be set aside in closet in container of freshly maintained water for next season then transplanted to get a jump on next season. Ever tried or heard of this or was someone April fooling this novice? – david

A. I haven’t heard of the closet method. In fact, we have tried taking tomatoes cuttings and it does work. The cuttings once rooted are best kept in soil and the key to its success is that you have to keep the tomatoes in a warm spot especially if you are taking them late in the season (greenhouse is ideal) Helpful link: Tomato cuttings

Q. Cool-weather Tomatoes “Arctic” tomatoes? Does that mean you seed northern varieties for the fall season? Which varieties, and when (what month) do you sow seed? – joanne

A. There are quite a few cold weather tomatoes varieties with “arctic” names like ‘Siberian,’ ‘Polar Star,’ ‘Sub Arctic.’   These cool weather tomato  varieties are best started from seed in July – September if you want a fall crop. Helpful article: Cool-weather tomatoes extend growing season

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  1. David says:

    Thanks Anais for the 411 & GW link :). A community gardener now here in southern California because of hurricane Katrina first told me that cuttings of matoes is possible. I thought he was putting me on, but tried & sure enough have some late bloomers,fruiters…possibly(?). I just recently joined GardenWeb & am exploring the wealth of info. The Russian & Siberian varieties I must try next year. I tried Latvian yellow but I think it crossed w/ my Brandywine but still sending some seeds to TM. Yahoos group TomatoMania(just Google) has selection of seeds I must send for next coming season. BTW love the pic of the beautiful jade orbs.

  2. Wildside says:

    Comtemplating your iron ware as some year we will be making the switch… Like the griddle, but can’t bring myself to pay that much yet — even though I know it does cost that much elsewhere. Been browsing Goodwill for such items second hand, but not found it yet, and am doubtful that anyone would ever let go of that once they had it.

    Been thinking though, you can’t base a biz off someone like me, but then see you have had no comments on this one as yet so wanted to give you some input for whatever it’s worth.

    Sorry, I’m not much of a shopper to help in this way.

  3. Susan says:

    How about drop-in self watering pot liners? You put them in an existing pot, and they have a resevoir, a screen and a tube. I first found Path to Freedom when I was looking for instructions on building self watering pots, but I would rather have ceramic or clay outer pots than plastic rubbermaid tubs. They make the liners, but they are difficult to find. If you were a source, I would buy from you.

  4. David says:

    If you offered these Sonnen huts(link below) I would buy & this lady might as well. They were made in Switzerland but maybe someones seen here in America? Has bottom tab for achor stake, a design feature that makes usable in our Santa Ana chasing winds,lol. I have get back to this Flickrati & see if shes even manufacturing herself.

  5. William says:

    Heey Anais, well, unfortunetly I am not much of a gardener….yet. So as someone else said earlier, I wouldn’t be a good person to ask. But hopefully I will be later next year when I return from the East Coast. Later.


  6. Joanne Poyourow says:

    Peddler’s wagon suggestions:
    1)Do you have a power-down mechanical substitute for the food processor/mini-chop that you recommend? All the ones I see are really cheaply made and wouldn’t be durable.
    2) When you track your crop varieties, planting history, yields, do you have a fave journal format you use? Bountiful Gardens sells theirs. You could sell a pdf of yours.
    3) What about selling blueprint plans for the large solar oven you built, the one that was made of wood?
    4) Metal water bottles that don’t leak … a friend of mine is exploring a brand where the cap seats outside the neck of the bottle rather than inside. The brand you stock, unfortunately, gets cross-threaded really easily and then leaks forevermore. My kids now carry yours in zip lock bags 🙁 …
    5) What does your family do about task lighting, such as over your computer or sewing area? Perhaps there’s a peddler idea here.
    6) I know you stock the pulley version of a clothes drying rack. I use a folding stand-alone version that I can carry indoors when the evening turns damp. Could be useful for people in snowy-weather climates. I love mine.
    7) Durable garden tools. A good trowel where handle and blade are all one unbreakable piece of metal so it’ll last for years. A woman’s size shovel. I love the hand sickle at Bountiful Gardens. Hate those cheap pruning clippers that break and have to be replaced – what do durable items do you use for pruning? What are your family’s favorite hand tools?
    8) ceramic pickling crocks