Rat control

Q. I was wondering if you might have some advice. Do you have a rat problem and if so, how do you deal with it?  I get those kangaroo rats and some other kind and they invade everything and eat insulation off the wires in my motorhome out there. I hate to kill anything, and when I finally did resort to traps I cried really hard when I saw how gruesome some of them died. Grown man crying, tsk tsk! I cannot think of a way to keep them out, because it’s a motorhome. Also they get in the unfinished house, but that does not affect me so I kind of let them go. I have begun to use some little blocks that contain poison, and I have  been told they die an easy death but I am not so sure.

I’d be a really happy camper if I knew how to keep them out without killing them. Any suggestions?
I bought some of those metal havahart traps that just trap them but the problem is:

1. they only trap one at a time and I am not there but once a month or once every three weeks so they starve to death. I suppose I could build a huge box at one end with food and water, but that would be a last resort. But then that brings up

2. If I do catch them and release them, I have to drive at least 20 miles to do it where there are no homes nearby.

I have not found anywhere on the web where there is info on this except for companies that sell the products I have already tried all of without conscience-free success.   Richard

A. In the past we have dealt with rats through use of traps, natural poison, and our cats.   An alternative method you may want to investigate is electronic pest control repellent.  An example is the Victor Heavy Duty Sonic PestChaser  http://www.victorpest.com/store/product.asp?dept_id=53&pf_id=M792  We haven’t used the product, so we do not have experience of how effective it might be.

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