After a week’s worth of rain, the sun did slightly (for a brief glimpse) peek thru on Saturday just before another storm blew in giving us another round of heavy drizzle last night and into the morn.

This rain is so unusual for October.   We’ve give up on “normal” weather for awhile now thanks to global weirding.

Rain is a blessing but, so much at this time of year, when the weather is still warm we’ve seen something that we’ve never seen before – MOLD!    It’s so wet that there’s fungus and mold growing on wood, walls and walkways — even some of the veggies are showing signs of mold.  Young beans are molding on the vine! So looks like we won’t be having green beans in November.

Ladybug and raindrops

Is it spring yet? Apple blooms again!

Pink guavas

Pineapple guavas

Cassidy finds shelter under the eaves and whines "when's this rain going to stop?"

Peppers heavy with water and fruit

Young citrus shoots


Squash blossoms


Baby squash

Squash vines

Young peas

Fall tomatoes

Flowering Blue Basil

Sleepy kitty


Basketful of sweet red peppers

Young duckies enjoy the rain

Edible driveway

No sun as of yet but at least the rain’s stop, and none too soon, because there’s lots of outside work to be done!


  1. Nebraska Dave says:

    The global weather certainly has been weird this year. Nebraska had 12 inches of rain in June,another six and a half in July, and six more in the next two months. We normally get about 15 inches for the year so it’s been very wet. Then October has been unusally warm with day time temperatures in the 70s and night time temps in the 40s. The fall colors are brilliant and long lasting because of no killing frost yet.

    I hope your monsoons end soon.

    • Leslie says:

      I just love your photographs!!! They are always so inspiring and at the same time very calming/peaceful!!!

      • Anais says:

        @Leslie: thanks for saying so. There’s so much beauty around.

    • Leslie says:

      @Nebraska Dave,

      I just love your photographs!!! They are so inspiring!!!

    • Anais says:

      @Nebraska Dave: That’s goo about the frost -yeah? But not normal right? Rain’s gone! So we should have sunshine today and for the entire week – woot!

      • Anais says:

        @Anais: whoops should say “Good” tis hard typing with a cat on your lap 😉

  2. Aubrey says:

    I have to say-I would trade for your weather anyday! We had a good dump of snow yesterday here in Alberta, and my plants are…dead…
    It is supposed to warm up at the end of the week-hopefully the snow will go and I can finish my fall-to-winter garden cleanup. Uggghhh-want to trade houses?

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