Planting french filet beans

Well, the “big storm” isn’t here just yet.   Although we have experienced very light showers, we hope the rain will increase after all the plantings we did in the garden to give the seeds and plants and deep soaking. Instead of watering the new beds and transplants we figured on letting nature doing it! The light rain is nice, you can still putter around a bit in the garden with our black and ever versatile wellies.   The garden has a damp feel and look about it and we will enjoy it while it lasts.

Love warm, spring rains – so refreshing!


Mycorrhiza Miracle

Mycorrhizal plants are often more drought tolerant. This is a tricky point, since big mycorrhizal plants in pots use water much more quickly than little non-mycorrhizal plants in pots. However, it appears that it can be a very real effect in the ground. This is probably an indirect effect of phosphorus nutrition; plants fertilized with phosphorus show the same improvement. However, in natural conditions, mycorrhizal plants are certainly better suited to face dry conditions than non-mycorrhizal plants.
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  1. Brian says:

    Can you tell me more about the picture? What were the holes made with? Are you planting in every hole, they look awfully close together? Is that a raised bed? It looks short? Thanks.

  2. Anais says:

    Hi Brian

    Thanks for your comment. The bed is 3’x8′ and the holes were made with an end of a tool handle and we plant in every hole! I know it seems crazy but we try to plant as close as possible. Visitors to our garden are amazed at the closeness of our plantings. We have been growing this way for many, many years. Sometimes we can plant too close, it’s a matter of trial and error.

  3. Nancy Kelly says:

    Like Brian, I was fascinated by the picture of the bed and the absolute orderliness of the holes! Did you set out a grid with string and then follow it, or does someone have a very good eye?


  4. Anais says:

    Hi Nancy

    The rows, spacing is laid out using a “very GOOD eye.” No strings or measuring envolved. 😉

    BTW: among our family it’s what we called the “Dervaes eye” – everything straight and orderly.

  5. Chris S. says:

    Wow – I really like your new website. Very organized with great design, just like everything else on your homestead :-).