Screwing on the leaves

Using scraps of metal from where he works, Ray assembled the “taro leaf” cover for the cob oven. The copper leaves will eventually weather into a nice patina – changing from shiny copper penny to a more natural greenish hue.   Yesterday, Ray dropped off the pieces for this unique cover and the guys helped put them together.   Ray needs to make another leaf and stem and plans are to finish erecting the leaves sometime next week.

The leaves will be water catchments ( like they are in nature ). It should be quite a piece (reminds me of a rain chain for capturing rainwater) – practical and artistic.

A load of pine tree trimmings were delivered yesterday which we immediately put into the garden paths. The whole yard smells like a forest – love that fresh pine smell.

The sun finally came out yesterday, after three days of rain. Quite unexpected for this time of year; however, it was the same time last year that a similar freak storm blew in and dumped lots of rain and hail.   Seems like the weather patterns have certainly changed in the short time we’ve lived in SoCal.

The top five news stories recently had to do with natural disasters: Katrina, earthquake in Pakistan/India, flooding in Northeast and Bird flu. And now, the biggest storm ever recorded brews in the Gulf.   People continue to think there is no such thing as global warming?

There seem to be more and more of these horrible disasters and it feels like earth is trying to tell us something is not right.   Something is definitely off kilter. We’ve screwed up the earth’s natural rhythms big time and we are going to pay for it with more of these terrible natural disasters. What’s scary is that pretty soon we’ll be used to them as we continue to be bombarded with image after image of suffering and misery.  

As we look back in time so much has changed in our lifetimes, The future doesn’t look promising.

Something to think about

The only design project that’s really sustainable is the one you don’t do. The idea that you can save the planet by consuming resources is absurd. If you want to be really sustainable, buy an old house, fill it with antiques and walk everywhere. { Via baloghblog }