It rained over an inch this week.  The garden is drinking it the much needed watering after a dry January.   There’s still more rain to come.  What a blessing!

The cabbage is growing nicely and I can’t wait to use the gorgeous heads.

Thankfully,the rain wasn’t hard, we were worried about the early blooms on the stone fruit and apple trees.

Looking forward to summer, Justin mixed up a big batch of soil and starting pulling out the summer vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and more!   Over the weekend we plan to have  soil blocking party to get a jump start on summer plantings.

Here’s a bit of news, for those who care and aren’t a victims of this recent rumor mill.

Our family hopes that level heads prevail and that people take time to step back, be informed about trademark policy, and search out the truth.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone,  and we hope that you continue to live the urban homestead lifestyle.