Winter weather has finally arrived.

A huge rain storm is moving our way!   Rain is expected to start on Friday with heavy rainfall on Saturday. They are even predicting 1-2″ of rain on Rose Parade day, Monday. When New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday, the tournament observes the tradition of moving the parade to the following Monday.

This convention allows for religious observance, but was originally instituted because the Parade’s many equine participants would not tolerate the pealing of the church bells along the route. (Another legend has it that it’s because the tournament father’s made a bargain with God not to hold the parade on Sunday in return for His not allowing it to rain on their parade)

Amazing how the right timing is so important. We finished the hard job of removing all the concrete and dirt. Imagine if a big storm like this happened when we were working on such a project? The place would have been a mess!


The guys have been working on improving the solar shower.   They’ve rigged it up so that we can adjust the hot and cold water flow. This is great, since in the summer the water temps can be quite hot and this will allow the adjusting of the temperature of the water. The new solar shower will have solid sides offering a bit more privacy. The old solar shower had old wooden shutters that we salvaged from the side of the road, but they eventually disintegrated! We got a few new ideas from a friend of ours who spent time in the Pacific Northwest over the summer. He brought back some photos from the place he stayed and one was that of a pretty cool outdoor solar shower

Transplanting ‘Ice Cream’ Banana

Going Bananas

The massive banana clumps that was behind the garage has been moved to another location in the yard. We hadn’t expected these bananas to grow as tall as they did (over 20 feet) since the plant description listed them only as growing 15-18 feet. I think it had something to do with their growing in the chicken/duck enclosure getting all that rich nutrient soil and duck water. The bananas being so high started to affect the solar panels – shading them from the much needed winter sun that’s so low in the sky. Yesterday the guys dug them out and transplanted them to the other side of the yard near the house which eventually will be a turned into a grey water reclamation area.

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  1. stella says:

    i can’t wait to see photos of the new solar shower. this is something i definitely plan on putting into my garden w/in the next year or two!