Grow Your Own Food in the City – Jules Dervaes (September 7, 2011) with Alex Smith

Can’t move to the country? Grow your own food where you are. On a standard city lot in Pasadena California, Jules Dervaes and his family have grown tons of produce for over 20 years. Learn tips and techniques, with links to follow up at Also a discussion of how a garden can survive “global weirding” – the destabilization of a normal climate.

From the Radio Ecoshock show 110907 20 minutes.

You can download a CD Quality copy of the 20 minute Radio Ecoshock interview with Jules here

The full 1 hour Radio Ecoshock show for this week, with guests Kathy McMahon, Jules Dervaes, and Richard Heinberg is here in CD quality (56 MB)


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