Hope you can take few moments out of your busy schedule to enjoy this songs I wrote. Your website and all your & your family are doing have motivated me so much lately! Thanks for all the good works you’re doing. I live in Napa with my wife and children in a 1910 bungalow house near downtown, and our lot is almost 10,000 sq feet. I’ve been slowly trying to get this yard into a thriving urban homestead such as yours. Now that I see what you all are doing, I know just how many possibilities are there! Thanks, and I’ll keep working hard and singing PTF praises. – Ken

Thank you Ken for the wonderful musical ensemble aptly named the “Quiet Revolution” we enjoyed listening the song the other night and will hopefully, sometime in the future, make it a part of an upcoming video (as you know, just too busy right now… but it’s our hope to make more short videos time and funds permitting).

In the meantime, I will share the thought provoking lyrics with our readers.

See you along the path….

QUIET REVOLUTION by Ken Kunst (C2003)

Are we free? Like we’ve been led to believe
or just slaves to technology and greed…
Am I free? Can I be? What is my reality?
Get out of your car…get off the phone….take a break from your pollution.
Try to breath….then you might see……
We need a Quiet Revolution
Why are we such busy bees?
This rat race makes me dizzy.
But what can you do? The stress is in and around you!
You gotta find your solutions….
Take a walk….plant a tree….listen to your intuition….
Go inside….where your freedom lies….
Make it a Quiet Revolution….your own revolution baby….a quiet revolution…..
Can we discuss….what is wrong with US? Or keep on this road to NOWHERE!
Seize the day…but slow it down….this is one of my solutions….
Pray and meditate….you’ll feel great! Making your own small contribution….
In and let it out….you don’t have to scream or shout!
Make it a Quiet Revolution….A Quiet Revolution yeah….your own revolution…..

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