Here at LHITC we’ve dedicated lots of entries to the crazy antics of our chickens and goats  — even our cats.  The ducks have quacked their objection,  informing me they are  just as cute and would like equal coverage.

They are right (sorry) and I’ve obliged them their request.

Because of the rain, we turned over the duck pond – think the ducks like playing “queen of the mountain” more than they like splashing in the water

Blackberry is oblivious of their shenanigans – drugged, drowsy, catching rays.

Two are up, will the others follow?


The fourth one – still thinking about it

We’re on top of the world lookin’ down on creation – sorry, another refrain from an old song!

Real life bobble head dolls!  The ducks, when they are excited, start bowing or what we like to say “bobbing” their heads.  It’s hilarious.

Who would have figured an upside down duck pond would be so much FUN?   Could be jealous of the attention the others had be getting here at LHITC, so they ducks needed to pull some stunt that would catch my attention.  Point taken guys, er gals, you’re just as cute and full of craziness like the rest here at the funny farm.

As for the fourth duckie, did she ever make it up?  Well, I wouldn’t know because the phone rang.

So, pay the duckies a compliment by posting and I’ll send them along via Ms Doolittle.

::Weather Report::

It’s raining again!  Looks like we may get another inch before the storm lets out.  What a blessing!  The plants and people rejoice!   Oh, yeah, sorry, duckies, you, too.


  1. Carl says:

    They are so cute. I had a couple of ducks as a kid. I miss them. Just started Food Inc. (the Movie) last night. Seeing how Industrial chickens are “raised” and how you guys really raise your animals is such a polar opposite. It is so great seeing animals treated with love and care! These pictures really show how happy they are and how animals are beings with personalities.


  2. Susan says:

    Yes, more duck pictures! They’re adorable.

  3. Sarah says:

    I have 5 Peking and 5 Mallard ducks, and they are SO funny. In the summer (here in northern Indiana), they stay on the pond ALL THE TIME. But now that the pond is frozen over, they come up into the barn, and nibble at my pants for some corn or treats.

    They REALLY DO have personalities. I love it! 🙂

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