Another critter to show up at our doorstep (the other was a baby chick) one Sunday morn was this exceptionally friendly and furry guy ( a neutered male bischon/frisee or shih-poo )

No tag or chip and after three weeks of trying to find the owner, with no luck, seems we have a new addition to the animal menagerie.    As it became obvious that no owner was to be found, we weren’t sure if we could keep the dog seeing that we had our hands  full with all the other critters.   But he seems to be fitting in quite nicely.   He’s still a puppy and rather rambunctious but considering he “came off the streets” he’s rather well mannered,  house and even crate trained – that’s a plus!

I couldn’t help but think he looks a little like the dog that play Jack in the Little House TV series.  Although LHOTP aficionados know that Jack was a Brindle Bulldog and not the shaggy Sheep Dog (his tv counterpart)

He’s now become a favorite greeter at the front porch farmstand much to the chagrin of our cat, Spanky.  Poor Spanky just can’t compete with the likes of a cute puppy.

Alas, this puppy doeth need a name and we haven’t quite settled on one.  We are leaning towards “Marley” because of his  shaggy-muffin,  I mean, “dreadlock” fur look; however, this puppy is rather like a “community” dog amongst our friends, customers and folks who visit the homestead.  Each have their own name for this mop of a dog.  No matter , this puppy of many names, is already bringing love and cheer to those who enter our doors and that’s “medicine” money can’t buy.


  1. Khew says:

    I’m just glad he went to the right place and people. In these bad economic times, he must have been abandoned.

  2. Nancy R says:

    Wow, could he be any cuter? I’m so happy it’s working out for him and for you. Looks like a match made in heaven.

  3. RobG says:

    get him thoroughly checked (and neutered LOL) by the vet.

    I had a friend who picked up a stray, even let it in bed, and found it had some nasty skin thing causing them to be on anti-biotics.

  4. Collie Nike says:

    Thank you so much for adopting and rescuing him. FAR too many animals are made homeless and ultimately lose their lives unfairly by way of thoughtless consumerism and irresponsibility. It’s always so refreshing to hear about people making a difference. Thank you.

  5. Lori says:

    Yep he is a cutie pie 🙂 We too rescued a puppy this year on our little homestead. I have found from past experience that rescued dogs seem to be the very best pets of all. Its like they just know how blessed they really are and they are so thankful for it.
    May he bring you as much joy as you will him 🙂

  6. jean says:

    My sister has this breed of dog and they are good with other animals and people in general. Enjoy your new addition!

  7. caitlyn says:

    Call him “Butler” since he likes to answer the door 😛

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