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If you tried to access the websites this week, please be patient. They’re currently being attacked and are under a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. This is a malicious attack intended to overload our servers and shut down our site. If you are unable to reach,, and other relative sites the cause is this cyber attack.

We are working with our ISP, and …taking a variety of measures to counteract the attack, however, the attackers have adjusted their tactics in response.

The attack is large, and appears to be from tens of thousands of computers. DDOS attacks are usually perpetrated via viruses that have infected computers around the globe. The perpetrators take control of the computers to send massive numbers of requests to a server, thereby overwhelming it. It is hard to fight because it is coming from so many computers, and new computers are periodically brought online to continue the attack.

I find it rather peculiar and very suspicious that the worse attacks come right AFTER I post the monthly HARVEST TALLY.  HMMMMMMM

In the meantime, send my sobbing sister a virtual *HUG*  She could use one… or some ice cream right about now.


  1. P Rennie says:

    Hi. Sorry to hear of your computer woes. I am not technologically savvy but I do know Mac users have next to no trouble with this sort of malicious attack. I know Macs are more expensive but their systems are also much harder to tamper with. Perhaps this doesn’t apply where websites are concerned but thought it worth suggesting. Hope it all gets sorted for you soon.

  2. Chris V says:

    Hi Dervaes Family ~~ I’ve had a similar “vibe” about these goings on with your site. Did these attacks also get ramped up after Vilsack announced that “GMO farming methods and organic farming methods need to find a way to co-exist”? Of course, this statement is a complete oxymoron and an impossibility. Please give Jordanne BIG hugs from here and know that I will be ramping up my prayers for your family and the entire OG community and OG farming community worldwide.

    Some good news … learned about Transitional Communities at the Aug. Summer NOFAMA Conference. Who knew? Not me … Anyway, I asked the question(s) would the towns be adopting OG land management practices for town-owned properties and community gardens. The presenter did not know, but thought it was an excellent point to consider (so some Hope on the Horizon). Show me a transitional community that does this as well as empowering residents to “take back democracy” and vote OG with their dollars and I’ll consider moving there!

    Keep the faith! We Overcome Evil with Good! and as Jules wisely states “Be The Example”. I cannot tell you how many times just that simple phrase keeps me going. Sending every blessing your way … Always !!!

  3. Katrina says:

    Hello, hope you solve all your computer problems. You must be doing something right if your web pages keep being attacked. Well keep you in our prayers. And send lots of hugs.

  4. Mary B says:

    Keep posting as you can…you inspire and motivate so many.


    I have not figured out how to send ice cream over the inter net yet…but in time who knows. (o;

  5. You Can Call Me Jane says:

    Goodness. I’m so sorry about the mess. Hoping things clear up quickly. Please know there are lots of us out here who think you all are on the right track and wish the best for you. {Hugs}

  6. Rhonda says:

    I love you guys! Keep fighting the good fight! I’ll be right here with you!!

  7. Mitzy says:

    A lot of people can’t stand to see the “good.” It is blinding to them and have to put it out.

    • Mitzy says:

      And sending big HUGS to Jordanne

  8. Debi says:

    You would think these people were trained better by their parents!!! What a waste of time, energy and resources! I’m so sorry you’re going through this… hang in there. Things of value will come under fire but will prevail! HUGS

  9. Michelle says:

    I am so sorry to hear this. Here is a big ol’ (((HUG))) Y’all are in my prayers. Never, never, never give up!!!

  10. Joy Giles says:

    Just too many people who have a dose of Haterade every morning and take their issues out on others. Karma will visit them, I have no doubt.

  11. Bethany says:

    So sorry to hear of your troubles! You’re in our prayers, and we hope all gets resolved soon!

  12. Amanda says:

    I don’t normally comment but I do check your blog daily. I am sure that I am not the only one that knows that if I can’t get through one day I can just check back later. I never miss a post. So, whereas it is very sad that THIS is what someone is devoting their time to fight, remember that our patience greatly outweighs their persistence! I am so inspired by what you all are accomplishing and continue to learn by your example. Thanks for all the hard work!!

  13. elaine nieves says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about more cyber attacks on your site. It is unbelievable how some people can be so destructive. Don’t give up, even though it must be beyond frustrating! Your websites are an inspiration to many people, myself included. Jordanne, hang in there! ((Hugs)).

  14. Joleen says:


  15. Fay says:

    Sending cyber hugs from Australia. Just like Amanda I don’t usually comment but check daily and will continue to do so until I can get through. I am sorry for some people’s lack of moral ethics but please remember that there are just as many, if not more, of us watching and working with you. Keep up the amazing work.

  16. Chris V says:

    Come on Peeps !!! If you’re visiting this site and it has been of any value to you, please voice your support in the Dervaes time of need; not only with your comments but any kind of small donation any of us can pledge. If each of us that gained anything of value gave $1 or $5, just imagine how we would empower this family to fight back. I was in disbelief when recently this family was threatened to shut themselves down or it would be done from the outside. Right here, right now .. I’m pledging $5 .. click under “Sponsors & SUPPORT” .. even $1 … Together we can OVERCOME EVIL WITH GOOD!!!

    • Monica says:

      This is a great idea! I will certainly try. Or, better yet, perhaps we can specifically do some fundraising to beef up their security/firewalls. ;0)


  17. jengod says:

    Who would do that? Awful and random and we love you guys. Sending sister a hug. 🙂

  18. Monica says:

    First, I’m so sorry for this attack. My husband is a computer analyst and said this was a targeted attack. He said the bot-net attacks from all over the globe. Somebody has specifically written a Trojan virus that opens up a backdoor to your machine to attack it. He said you need to change the IP address and DNS of all your sites. Your hosting provider should be able to do that for you. It’s a temporary fix that can get some kind of firewall up to protect you from the DDOS sites.

    There is an end point appliance firewall that can shut down DDOS attacks available. Your hosting provider would have to implement that firewall. What that firewall does is tracks the IP addresses and monitors DDOS attacks and adds the violating IP addresses to a global black list and shuts those IP addresses down. (You probably know all of this after talking to your people…but, thought it might be helpful to know that there is a solution, if not many solutions available to you.)

    I just wanted to say this is a blessing in disguise. I can’t begin to tell you how IMPORTANT your website is!!! If our economy fails….if our food system fails…if something disastrous happens…your website/s are the answers people will desperately be looking for. This information can save lives!! It does not surprise me, with companies like Monsanto trying to dominate and control food…world wide none the less, that someone would purposefully attack you. Take this attack and learn from it. Beef up your firewalls and pat yourselves on the back…you are teaching people how to be self-sufficient. That scares big business!

    You guys are in our hearts!

    • Monica says:

      My husband also said you could implement DNS filtering. It can help prevent and slow down the DDOS. ;0)

  19. Chris V says:

    My sentiments exactly Monica on all fronts! This family has taught me so much about the importance of food sovereignty in our homes, our communities and as a nation. Even with my daily visits to this site, I haven’t even begun to delve into the vast array of information they have accumulated and so generously share “for free” with the rest of us. Hence, my shout out to help them in whatever small way we can prevent these “evildoers” from prevailing in shutting them down. This was fantastic info from your hubby. Please give him a hug and high 5 from me!

  20. Jeni Vandall says:

    I feel so bad for your family. It makes me wonder with all the stories and great lengths that one particular company goes to, to shut down certain “threats”. If they are not doing the same to you guys too, now that you have become so outspoken and started so many in the self sufficiency lifestyle. I can see your family now being a huge “threat” to them unfortunately:(

    Hey it is just my opinion take it for what it’s worth…

    Stay strong!! I absolutely love your family and what you’re doing and I have never met you in person (one day hopefully). You continue to inspire me to become more and more self sufficient and I cannot thank your family enough for what you have taught and keep teaching me every day!

  21. Daniel says:

    Seems you took my advice from the other day, hopefully it is helping a bit, while not a full DDoS protection it helps and your site loads a lot faster now!


  22. Nebraska Dave says:

    Dervae’s family ( especially Jordanne), I’m so upset that we have contend with folks that just like to destroy when this site is all about building up and encouraging. Why do they feel threatened by one Website that is just about self sufficiency? Is it really that important to try to shut down a voice that may not be in agreement with what they believe? I guess my midwestern mentality just can’t understand why this has to be an issue. It put a huge burden on the one that should not have to feel the brunt of the attack.

    Jordanne, I wish there was a way that I could be of help as all the others have indicated and just know we are very grateful for all your precious time and efforts that you spend on cleaning up the messy attacks. Hopefully, between you and the ISP a solution to these attacks can be accomplished once and for all.

    Thanks again Dervae’s family for fighting the good fight and with standing the heat of those that wish to harm your movement.

  23. diana bernardes says:

    Hello Dervaes Family!!

    I found some videos in youtube about homesteading and heard comments there badmouthing you and your site and work. I smelled rat then. being a big threat to the big companies, what’s happening is not really surprising. It’s a pity that they have to do that to curtail true development. Rest assured tho that the many people whom you have taught self sustainability and became empowered in the process are growing by the minute and we will do everything to locate and connect to your sites. You are not just a rich resource of information but also a great inspiration as well.

    I have just harvested the first batch of my own organic garden (2 months supply of okra and string beans and this week 5 huge pumpkins and many more that are harvestable in a week) these has not just made me trully happy but are inspiring my neighbors to do the same. Think about a multiplier effect and my neighbors don’t know a hoot about internet. . .

    God bless you guys!!

  24. Fr. Peter says:

    Hi Guys,

    I had awful problems after going on Wikeleaks to research the secret facts about Monsanto and GM; total nightmare…

    I think we need to understand that as environmentalist we are seen as anti establishment figures that need to be controlled, after all we buy as little as possible, save, grow, reuse and recycle. Just think what we don’t do for the economy in a Western Society that is driven by and financed by consumption. On top of this we search out and buy goods that last; now that is really fith column stuff!

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