PTF online biodiesel information

Q. I just visited your website and I was impressed with your urban homestead. For years I’ve been wanting to learn how to produce biodiesel. How do I go about setting up an appointment to attend one of your biodiesel workshops? Are there any fees for your time? I’ve read about how to make it but I really need to see it for myself and you are the blessing that crossed my path. When I learn how to do it, I intend to it teach others to break away from the “system”  . Please let me know if you can help me out.

Thanks, Mike

A. We usually host biodiesel workshops in the late spring or summer.  If you like I can add you to our email list that will notify you monthly of our scheduled events. [Workshops are suspended at this time.]

In the meantime, if you haven’t already check out our “old site” which has a page on biodiesel at

Also there’s also a 2 min video segment that KCBS 2 did on our homebrew biodiesel process called “Biodiesel Running”, this can be found at

You can also purchase and download an “Introduction to Biodiesel” at

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