Thanks to the folks at OC Rare Fruit Growers who invited us to one of their monthly meetings to give an hour presentation about our journey to live a more self reliant life here in the city (and we are still plugging away at it!)

Over 100 people showed up to hear Farmer D speak and watch the 15 minute homemade production of Homegrown Revolution.

Before the meeting started Jordanne & I (having never been to the OC Fairgrounds) meandered over to their Memorial Gardens & Centennial Farm to check out what was growing and what kind of animals they had at the facility.

The gardens were beautiful.  Growing everything from corn to strawberries (everything was exceedingly lush and I was wondering if they were grown organically).   They had a red barn which Jordanne wanted to put on a wide loader and bring home with her.  Actually if Jordanne had her way she’d just live in the barn in a loft just above the animals.

Lots of lovely trellises and other garden ornaments to look at and admire; however, after seeing and petting many of the animals (cows, llamas, goats, pigs, chickens, sheep and more) I started to feel down right depressed and conflicted over the fairs and the confinement of such animals.   Actually, it started to affect both of us with all those lonely animal eyes craving attention that we just had to suck up our urge to bring them all home and walk away… that was hard!

Not to mention the misinformation they had posted over the pens of these animals.  Jordanne and I almost wanted to — well, I will leave that up to your imaginations.

A sign over the doey eye baby calves said “dairy calves are separated from their mothers within 24 hours of being born to protect the health of the calf”

Utter and pure cow manure!

Well, I better stop now before I go on a rant….

Don’t forget PTF will be down OC/San Diego way June 5-6.  We are hoping our OC/San Diego readers come out to our impromptu gathering at Cottonwood Creek Park.

Hope to see you there~


  1. MeganLinn says:

    Wait — the sign said that the babies were separated from their mothers to protect the health of the calf? That doesn’t make any sense… what?!?

  2. ~~Melissa says:

    I hope you’ll rant some more.

  3. Michelle says:

    “for the health of the calf”??!!! That is ludicrous! Or…as you so perfectly put it..”cow manure”! That is a NICE way to put it…I would have had a hard time not unlatching every one of the pens!

    And…because I’m desperate…I was wondering if you would consider doing a Q&A post… Regarding flies and animals, mainly chickens…and anemic plants in the garden. My whole set up is letting me down! And I don’t know what to do! Other than come and move in with all of you…but I think my family would miss me!

  4. MINI POST BLITZ | Little Homestead in the City says:

    […] (complete with a cockatoo and goats!), upcoming events down San Diego way, our presentation at the OC Rare Fruit Growers meeting to a cute little story about “man hands” and last but not least LHITC radio […]

  5. Nancy says:

    “To protect the health of the calf” my *ss! Oh yeah, we all know how dangerous it is for babies to remain with their mothers.

  6. Karen says:

    I am a member of Orange County CRFG, and was in attendance at the last meeting: what a treat to meet Jules and company in person! I cannot remember when I enjoyed a meeting so much! My husband and I brought a visiting friend from Virginia, and she will be taking your DVD and message back home with her. We loved every minute of the presentation, thank you!

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