A look at our 20 year long  Urban Homesteading journey from across the pond.

Yesterday, another article about our family and the Urban Homestead project appeared in the paper.

Check out this major feature article in Sunday’s UK DAILY TELEGRAPH.

No media coverage can portray the true and complete picture of who we are and what we do because of built-in limitations of the media. Though the article does a good job of reporting different facets of our urban homestead, not to mention giving some high praise, there are some inaccuracies and a few statements that require clarification. As with every interview, time or space constraints inevitably produce an edited, shortened view of what was actually said in the full conversation.

For the record

Our property is about 150 feet from the freeway, not 150 yards.

My mother is now a resident of Pasadena.

With encouragement from my father, we definitely have been looking for committed farmers and a farm girl who are willing to share in this journey.  It’s just that a move would be required if we were to get married—can’t fit our spouses here! My father was acknowledging that it would require a special type of commitment for someone to move with us. Though we were asked by the reporter, our thoughts on finding our soul mates didn’t make it into the article.

Some of the statements printed were slightly misleading regarding our looking for property. We discussed both immediate, local possible moves/expansion and other, long-term plans, and the topics got linked together.

There’s definitely a lot of material to digest. We understand that it is impossible to convey the full story and these are just a few corrections. We appreciate the opportunity this article gives to spread the word about our work at The Urban Homestead.

P.S.  Though quite taken aback that our meals even are on the same level as Alice Waters,  with our schedule already jammed pack I don’t know when my sister and I will get around doing cookbook.  I know, I know so many of you would really love one but like I said we are really, really busy.

Like I said, with limited space a lot of the material we shared with the reporter didn’t make it into the article.

One really cute statement was when we were sitting down enjoying lunch together with the reporter.  I brought out dessert — Freedom Farmer Sergio locally grown organic bananas mixed with just a touch of homegrown honey and orange juice.

The reporter inquired if we had grown these bananas ourselves and Farmer D quipped, “no, but it’s not Dole it’s Sergio!”

We had a good laugh!  Just goes to show you how intense and flavorful locally grown crops are.  Sure beats the watery, tasteless what passes for produce at the supermarket.

Nothing beats home/farm grown!

Oh and check out Farmer D and Farmer S sporting, er digging I should say, our new Freedom Gardens tees (they will be available SOON – promise)


  1. katecontinued says:

    Great article. Please count me in on the utopian eco village. I just love that the last picture was taken at my front door. It makes me beam.

  2. Beany says:

    I would so love to be part of this eco village as well. I’ll ride my bike down 🙂

    I will bring enthusiasm and baby sitting skills.

  3. Mary Hysong says:

    Loved that article 😉 Not sure I want to live in SA but I got 20 acres of desert scrub to lend to such a project…..Oh, yeah, you said you wanted some place with water…. ah well.

    BTW there’s a link on that article page to one about Michelle Obama getting flack from Big Ag for making the White House garden all organic. Hope she stands her ground and shows how all those chemicals aren’t even necessary.

    keep up the good work!

  4. Pure Mothers says:

    Count my family in for the Utopian Village. Love this family and what they idd before it was “cool” to urban homestead!

  5. Mary in Oklahoma says:

    Thanks for sharing the article. It always brightens my day to read more of the homestead pioneer activities.

    My family is also looking for more land – we only have 0.4 acre right now and the kids want a pond, ducks, more chickens and a couple of goats! I wonder where they got that idea >wink<

  6. sarah says:

    Lots of land and plenty of water back here in NZ 😉

  7. carolyn says:

    Just found out about you via the Telegraph article – a few pages can never give a truly accurate picture and one always has to be so caeful when talking to the press – but I still found it and you inspirational.

  8. Terri says:

    What a fantastic, informative article! I got to learn even more about this amazing family! I love the “community” idea, but I hope they don’t run off to S. America! Hey, friends of mine are very interested in Costa Rica – might be worth checking out. Imagine all the tropical fruit you could grow!!

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