Home Economy

Prior to the industrial revolution, it was common for folks to work at home or small village shops. At the height of the eighteenth century, farming was the primary livelihood and farmers and their families had to make ends meet during winter. Making “ends meet” can be a full time job, especially if you choose to homestead full time.

main22Working at home can be rewarding but it does pose certain ongoing challenges. We’ve learn to be VERY flexible and yet set limits. It’s a never ending balancing act.

Sometimes we have had to learn to change horses in mid-stream whilst juggling many plates!

Bringing the economy home through growing food, making goods (cookies, jam, knits) or giving workshops has challenged us to grow our business and develop personally – we wear many hats throughout the day.

Since selling the first jar of honey in 1973, our home based industry evolves – ever growing — to the changing demands of the market and customers.

Cottage Industry

  • Honey (since 1972)
  • Produce & Edible Flowers (since 1995)
  • Hand-Crafts & Goods (since 1995)
  • Community Outreach (since 2001)
  • Front Porch Farmstand (since 2009)
  • Farm Box Program (since 2013)