Farm Animals

Since the 1970s  bees, chickens and goats have been part of our lives and journey towards a more self-reliant lifestyle.  Animals play a vital and integral part of a homesteading operation – city and rural.  Every creature great and small is a part of the cycle of life. You participate in the joys of watching a chick hatch to the sorrow of its final breath.  We couldn’t imagine homestead life without them.

IMG_4881 One of our favorite parts of the day is going out just as the sun rises to open up the chicken coop.  The ducks fall out, all in lined up in a row, while making soft quacking sounds. 

A good morning to you too, ladies!  

Besides we humans, the ducks are the earliest risers here on the homestead and are up at the crack of dawn, scavenging around the animal compound for worms and such.   About a hour later, the chickens will hop down off their perches, one by one, to join their compadres in the compound for a day of scratching, preening and eating.  Ahhhh… the life!

Raising, and keeping, animals is a big responsibility and even more time consuming than tending the garden! For us city folks, the health and welfare of the animals are basically on our shoulders.
Keeping a barnyard in the backyard in an urban environment is about the welfare of the animals and maintaining your relationship with the neighbors.  We try to live by that rule and strive to be good neighbor. The maintenance and upkeep of the animal compound is critical – in fact, very important and high on the chore list.

Growing food in small spaces means it is vital to have healthy soil for an ultimate yield, so, two times a year we scoop up the black gold in the barnyard where it then goes to our 50 plus raised beds and our multiple self watering containers.

Urban Farm Animals

IMG_8727 IMG_9688


Chickens Ducks Dwarf rabbits Dwarf/pygmy goats

*For eggs and/or manure.  We are conscious vegetarians so do not slaughter or eat our animals.


Captured wild swarm Without the use of antibiotics Unfiltered, unheated, hand extraction