Operation Concrete

The back steps look like a war zone – concrete rubble everywhere! It looks as if a tomahawk missile struck the back of the house. The past owner buried concrete under more concrete –insane.   It’s a big jump  down from the back door and the cats don’t like the change one bit.  They think we are trying to keep them out of the house.

Two down, three more to go…

For the new user friendly PTF open source portal, we will be needing volunteers who would be interested in posting articles and links – transferring them from this “old site” to the new.  

Jordanne & I are trying to get the portal  (and photo gallery) up and running: however, it’s hard with lots of projects and things going on. Fortunately, we did finish the message board and journal.    After the portal is finished, then it’s time to tackle the PTF website that will feature stories and info regarding our urban homesteading project.  PTF’s website continues to grow. 

Now we are having to pay commercial prices to keep up with the bandwidth use (yet we remain ad free!).  The site receives an average of 1,367,644 hits per month and is visited by readers in over 100 countries.    We thank our loyal readers for keeping the message board going.

Also, thanks to those of you who write and tell us of broken links and errors on the site.  We truly appreciate your active participation in the upkeep of this site.

More berries…

The blackberries are ripening and they are huge! They are nearly the size of a strawberry. The tasty mulberries are ripening also.

Change in the weather…

Another rare spring storm is headed our way! It’s quite unusual to get a storm of this size late in the season. If we get the rain that’s predicted, then Pasadena will be nearing over 60″ of rain this season (3 times the normal average) — incredible! With the cooler weather, the hot weather crops are in limbo, waiting for temps to warm up.

Unfortunately, it won’t happen anytime soon. Now if we could get a showers about once a month for the rest of the season, we would be set for water, not having to be dependant on the hose as much. 

PTF Event…

On Sunday we hosted a Rock Dust workshop and we had a full “garage.”   Thanks for all those who showed up and brought dishes for the potluck.  The May Wine Punch was a hit– I had to guard the punch bowl.

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  1. stella says:

    do you have a cistern or way to save up all that precious rainfall you’ve gotten this year? i can’t remember where you were on that…

  2. Anais says:

    Hi Stella

    No, we don’t have a cistern yet. We were thinking once we remove the large patio concrete area that we could put somesort of cistern in the ground.

    There’s not much empty space left in the yard – so we either have to go up or down for available space.