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The heat is on! A blast of hot, dry air hovered over the Southland this weekend- plants and bodies were in shock.  People were actually sweating! Sheesh, we’ve been so spoiled lately, it has been at least 5 months since we’ve have seen heat like this.  

Thankfully, the heat wave is short lived and the temperatures will start cooling down over the next few days.Sunday was a sunny and warm day – ideal a day to start work on the back porch.

We employed the help of a friend who happens to be a talented handy man and carpenter to get the job done faster.  We are trying to use as much environmentally friendly materials on this project — the recycled plastic wood will be arriving on Wednesday.I can’t wait till it’s complete since many of our homesteading gizmos are homeless.

We’ll be able to have pedal power grain mill, hand washer and wringer and more sustainable odds and ends located in one spot with easy access.  Making things run a lot smoother and not to mention all the storage space underneath for gardening equipment that’s at present is stuff all in the already cramped cellar.

After this project is completed – then it’s off to tackle the cellar and back room – getting things ready for a compost toilet.  We hope, if all goes well, to have everything done by the summer; however we’ve learned that nothing ever goes according to plans or schedule.


We’ve had to put up a road block recently on this site — “hold until pending” of public comments on the PTF journal due to aggressive spammers attack. How very rude and obnoxious of them! So, now all comments will be approved before being displayed.  Just another ridiculous task to add to my already overwhelming daily workload (sigh).  Those spammers really tick me off – they should bugger off and leave this comment box alone!  This morning there were over 20 “malicious comments” that needed to be deleted and there still plenty hours left today for more. Jordanne will be installing something in the next few days to help curb the spammers

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  1. sunshine says:

    I can totally relate to the concrete moving!! Several years ago DH broke up, dug up, and hauled off a concrete walkway from our backyard. It was really worth it in the end though b/c he laid a beautiful brick path that allowed us to have plantings on either side. Eventually we turned the entire yard into a garden with NO GRASS TO MOW. Congratulations on getting a monstous job done!!

  2. stella says:

    i love seeing the progress!

    sorry to hear about the spammers. i hope you get that taken care of soon.

  3. gerry medland says:

    Hi good folks!
    so glad to read of your progress and expansion/re-locating of ‘essentials’to help you all along the path!As for the spammers,I am confident that they will receive their ‘just reward’best wishes,many blessings