Produce customers; storage facilities

Q. My question is, since you do support yourselves with your property, where did you find your clients?  To whom do you sell your produce?

Also, how do you keep your property attractive?  I have a very small space (as do you), and I don’t have any outdoor storage, because the building restrictions are so prohibitive in my town.  Did you have to fight your town hall to enable you to build the storage facilities you needed to create your home-business?

Warmly, Wendy

A. To answer your questions: our clients are local restaurants and caterers in the Pasadena area.  We like to keep things local as possible even though we’ve had interest from other areas in LA.

We have a large garage, cellar and a small storage shed which gives us adequate storage space.    I think the reason we are able to keep our place so tidy is that’s so small and we don’t have much room to store “stuff”  – even though we’d like to!  We are still working at getting our place more efficient – have a place for everything.  We still have clutter but eventually are working on that to a little at a time.

To have a produce business doesn’t require much equipment and so we are able to keep our place pretty neat (depending on what your definition of neat is?  *grin*).

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