(Courtesy CBS 60 Minute interview with Prince Charles)

“Well, that’s what I’ve been trying to encourage people to think about. … To break the conventional mold in the way we’ve been building and designing for the last, well, during the last century really, has all been part of a throw-away society,” Prince Charles said.

Everything in the village is constructed of native or recycled materials, “sustainable development,” he calls it, that conserves the Earth’s resources.Single-family homes are mixed with small apartments so there are people of all income levels here living side by side in a community with shops and light industry. The narrow twisty roads discourage automobile traffic, and cars are parked out of sight in landscaped lots. “The whole of the 20th century has always put the car at the center,” the prince explained. “So by putting the pedestrian first, you create these livable places, I think, with more attraction, and interest and character. Livability.” He believes that the modern world with its cars and computers is slowly eroding our humanity, that we are losing touch with the world around us. Read more about the Prince’s village

ThePrince’s organic aspirations were put into practice and the process of converting Highgrove and the surrounding Duchy Home into a organic food business called Duchy Originals.    Occasionally working now and then in a local English tea shop we are quite familiar with the Prince’s brand – jolly good fare!

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  1. Kosh says:

    That was a great segment on 60 minutes. Wouldnt it be great if society started moving in the direction of that village. I think it’s interesting how they mentioned that he was looked at as an odd ball when he first started his organic gardening 20 years ago and now organic gardening is huge. I didnt know any of that about him. He seems to be somewhat ‘visionary’ and progressive.. some interesting stuff.


  2. Anais says:

    Hi Jason

    Thanks for your comments! I think every city should consider villages like this. I am not one for modernism.

    Take for instance the “new urbanism” housing/retail buildings that are popping up all over Pasadena — they are ugly (sorry Pasadena, but they are!) Huge square, colored blocks built right up to the sidewalks and some don’t even bother to plant any landscape. Instead the only “green” is murals of flowers. Blah!

    Charles is quite a progressive thinker. Some people consider him crazy. But, these days “crazy thinkers” are in short supply.


  3. Thriftwizard says:

    Had to laugh – I admire hugely what you are doing over there in Pasadena, and there are you admiring something that is just down the road from me! Poundbury is lovely; we know people who are very happy living there, and the vision of a liveable community needs to spread to all our planners. HRH deserves our support!