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600 tornadoes touched down in the South leaving a path of destruction that’s hard to even imagine.   Such tragic news brings us to renew our gratitude for our blessings and pause our normal updates from the urban homestead.    Sis & I were at a friends home last night and our eyes were riveted to the TV images of mass destruction.  Just horrible!

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the storms and tornadoes.

We have so many dear friends, readers there.  I know one of my favorite blogger’s at Raising Homemakers, has lost her home and our hearts go out to the family for their loss.   However, we are happy to hear that by God’s grace they are safe.

God bless you all and may he comfort you during this dark time.

We’d like a roll call from our readers – let us know if you are OK.

Hoping and praying that everyone is safe and sound.


  1. Nebraska Dave says:

    Anais, it has been a terrible weather year in certain parts of the country. So far we here in Nebraska have escaped the bad weather. Our tornado months are May and June so I am praying not only for those folks that have devastated lives but for the weather to calm down and not continue to be so volatile.

  2. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings says:

    One of those touched down on the Mountain we live on. It left a mess of destruction, homes damaged or completely gone, and sadly … lives lost and others are still missing.

    Thank you for keeping the families your prayers. There are so many that lost everything including family members. The pictures do not show the emotion of seeing something like this so close to your home.

    The path of the tornado struck about a mile from where we were holed up in a basement at friends and the path kept going and we learned today it got as close as 3 miles to our home.

    Tornado touched down last night on the mountain we live on.

    Tornado Damage Update

  3. Pat says:

    Before heading further East– we had several tornadoes roll through the East Texas area that I live in. We took cover in our storm shelter. The Tornado never touched down until it reached the far side of town from us; heading towards my son and daughter in-laws town…
    it is scary. I am thankful for God’s mercy on our family. I have nothing but prayerful thoughts for those who’ve been hit with the hardest tragedy loss of life and home– in the South.


  4. Michelle (GardeningMichelle) says:

    Blessedly, they tracked east of us, although we were not without numerous “watches”. Praying for all those that are affected 🙁

  5. A.F. James MacArthur Ph.A.L. says:

    Just discovering your blog and learning about your family and all the work you’ve done. We were under tornado watch for nearly 24 tense hours.

    Although here in Maryland we’re quite a ways out of what is usually considered “tornado alley,” from time to time we do get a few and they scare the mess out of all us.

    Just last year, a few miles from where I’m sitting right now in Baltimore, a small tornado ripped through an apartment complex, causing massive destruction, a few injuries, but thankfully no deaths.

    I will be taking my time and going through your archives to learn more about your family, your mission and your work.

    God Bless and Happy Sabbath!

    • A.F. James MacArthur Ph.A.L. says:

      @A.F. James MacArthur Ph.A.L., Well, I may have spoken too soon. Turns out what we thought were just strong winds causing damage in the state has now been confirmed as four different tornadoes touching down. Thank God there were no deaths. Thoughts and prayers continue for all those affected.

  6. Lisa says:

    I’m finally getting caught up on blogs after 7 days without power, and was so touched to see that we were in your thoughts and prayers. I admire your family and what you do so very much, and want to thank you for your call to prayer. I am grateful that my family was spared, and so grateful for the lessons we learned as we cooked over the grill, played board games under the carport, went to bed early and woke up with the sunrise.

    Continue to pray. My heart breaks over the loss of life and homes in Alabama and other states. My county had just a few deaths, but SO many homes lost. So many lost their lives, yet others were spared. I do not understand His ways, but I know that my Father is in control. After seeing the power and severity of these storms, and watching them roll over us one after another until it seemed they wouldn’t end, I know there is absolutely nothing we can do to be “prepared” for disaster other than obey Him.

    You are a blessing, Dervaes family, thank you!

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