Harnessing Human Energy

‘Bike based machines leave a light imprint on the earth and are a great way to harness human energy.’ ~ Nate Byerley (The Juice Peddler)~

The other day we received a flyer from the cycle-lutionary group of NoCal cycler’s informing us that the stationary bike blender kit is now available. Guess what that means? Yep, you can now purchase thebike blender kit from ouronline store. As some of you already know the bike blender that we put together with Nate’s prototype model is on display at theCAFAM Museum until Dec 31.  Don’t forget to check out the “Street Signs and Solar Ovens: Socialcraft in Los Angeles” exhibit! What will become of the bike blender after the museum exhibit? Blend up some smoothies of course! Also, we plan on using it at events (when the weather is warm!) and making it available for community use (If you would like the bike blender to show up then drop us an email)

How does the bike blender work?

The blender is driven by a friction wheel on the side of the rear tire (much like an old school dynamo). There is no chain or belt drive to worry about, which makes installation and removal a snap.

Practical use

Blend dips, spreads, hummus, fruit-smoothies, vegetable purée, and grain with no use of electricity. Perfect in your own kitchen to get some daily exercise. Spins up to 6400 revolutions per minute. “Bicycle machines” are pedal-powered machines that act as an intermediate and appropriate technology.

What is Pedal Power?

Chances are you are familiar with pedal power at least in its most conventional form: Bicycle-riding! The idea of pedaling to create energy that can be translated into work has been expanded beyond the conventional form. By pedaling a bicycle one can power a television, a laptop, a washing machine, a drill press . . . the options are limited only by your imagination.