I popped on over toArdent Eden and inspired by her energy consumption post will do the same.
Living Room

  • Outlet #1: cordless phone

Dining Room

  • Outlet #2: occasionally used ( vacuum )

Study Room

  • Outlet #3: power strip that has (1) energy saving models of TV, VCR/DVD
    (2) energy star computers
  • Outlet #4: copier/printer


  • Outlet #4: energy efficient refrigerator

Main Bathroom

  • Outlet #5: occasionally used (1) space heater in winter (2) iron

Service Porch Bathroom

  • No outlets

Laundry Room

  • Outlet #6: energy efficient & water saving front load washing machine

Bedroom One

  • Outlet #7: not in use

Bedroom Two

  • Outlet #8: not in use

Bedroom Three

  • Outlet #9: 2 lamps with energy efficient light bulbs

For our family our our electrical uses, on average, per day is between 4 & 6 kwh. As of now (on sunny days) our solar panels are producing a little more than 5 kwh. In summer the solar production amount usually doubles – giving us more than enough power to make up for cloudy and rainy days.

I am sure (I know) we could do better at reducing our energy consumption.   Let’s hear from our readers about their steps they have taken to reduce their energy consumption.

We could all learn from each other.

If Not Now, When? If Not Us Who?
Can we ignore such warning signs any longer?

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  1. gerry medland says:

    Hi Folks,
    I use energy saver light bulbs and practice target lighting,this has reduced my energy usage dramatically,like you I have a front loader washing machine,I use it twice per week and use a cold water wash cycle,this is fine for me.I have new energy efficient computer and I do not use stand by mode on Tv,dvd,home cinema sound.I am using approx 50% less electric each month,more in winter months,but this is offset by oil lamps and tea light lanterns,I agree fully with solar panel installs and hope to have at least one third of my usage by end of this year(funds permitting)I shower daily(5 mins max) and bathe once per week,,I can cook on my wood burning stove and hope to install an efficient stove for kitchen one day.I endorse your concluding comments,thanx for the insight!
    blessings to you all

  2. Gretchen says:

    First I wanted to say thank you for linking to our blog, it was very kind of you and we do get many hits from it. We had simply listed your site because we found it to be useful and interesting, and wanted to share it with the few people who like to follow what we’re doing. We never expected you to link to our site, so for that we thank you.
    Second, I wanted to add my thoughts on energy efficiency. Most of our electric bill is from heating and cooling our house, and from what I’ve read that seems to be true for most people. We’re still in that mac-and-cheese phase of our lives so we are taking our steps very slowly. Our living room, kitchen, dining room, and family room are actually all one room with a lofted ceiling. When we bought the house we thought the openness was fantastic – our opinion changed when we saw how much it cost to heat the ceiling. The area we lived in was never warm enough, and all the hot air we were pumping into the room was all circling above us. We installed a wood stove, turned the heat off, and now the house is always toasty and nice. We also keep our ceiling fans on year round. In the summer it helps keep the rooms cooler (very important here in VA) and in the winter it helps drive the air down into the living space. As an added bonus we have been using wood from trees that were knocked down by storms (most notably Isabel) so the firewood is always free.

  3. gerry medland says:

    Hi again!
    Forgot to post my kwh in prev post,it was thru Sept to Nov,a daily average of 4 kwh,I think I can do better!

  4. Anais says:

    Thanks Gerry & Gretchen for sharing your thoughts on energy conservation

    .. and welcome Gretchen to PTF!

    My dream one day is to have a wood stove and wood cook stove. 😉