Power of One: Interview with Anais Dervaes

The Urban Homestead has been around for over 20 years. It grows organic fruits and vegetables for the Dervaes family and for the surrounding community on just a the quarter acre of land in Pasadena, CA. Serving as an educational hub for urban farming and sustainable living, the UH grows thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables each year and provides dozens of workshops, farm to table educational dinners and hootenannies which are filled with laughter and singing. On this episode of the ‘Power of One’ Anais describes the challenges of being an urban farmer today as well as the tremendously satisfying and healthy outcomes it also provides her family.


  1. UK Smallholdings says:

    The work of your late father and ongoing efforts of your family are truly inspiring. Here in the UK we love the vision that was established and hope your generation continue to lead and innovate in small-scale agriculture!

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