Glad everyone enjoyed the Oprah piece especially since all the footage she used was from our homemade production HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION.

Hey, did any of you catch that fake rooster crowing background noise?  😉

After three recording breaking days of heat.  Not only did we top the century mark we shattered century records.  In just a day, the weather did an about face.  Dropping 30 degrees and sweater weather.  Talk about whiplash.  We go from 102 in the shade to overcast and cool temps in just a day!

Here we go again from one extreme to another.  This weather pattern has become more and more common in the last five years.   Climate change is happening.

I am going to try to get ya’ll caught up with happenings from the last two weeks.  I have a dozen posts to write and couple dozen photos to share.

So hold on to your mouses, there’s a posting blitz a’coming!

In random posting order that coming down the posting pike – fermenting, how does our garden grow, composting workshop at Smith & Hawkens, urban homesteading presentation at Santa Monica Library, Eco Fair,  weekly meal wrap ups and more.

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  1. Glynis says:

    Same thing here! WACKY temps!! We’ve had more wind then I remember, and a cold spring…then today the mercury soared and will be high for at least 9 days. The night before last we almost froze again.
    Weird extremes…and my veggie garden is NOT happy about it at all…

  2. Tiffany says:

    I’m really worried about what this weather whiplash (as you so eloquently put it, Anais) is going to do to my garden! Everything in there looks like it jumped from an overheated jacuzzi to the deep end of a cold swimming pool. The entire garden is upset! Darn weather!

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