It’s good to be home.  The garden is growing, happy animals, busy bees, seeds to plant, warm earth to dig, loads of peas to pick and more.

We’ve done the cross country trip many a times before either by car or train so we knew what to expect; however, this trip was a little different because we wanted to go there and back from the 2 day organic farming conference in less than a week.

Now that we’ve gotten to most of the messages, emails and orders while we were away, had a decent meal (devoured our homegrown salad greens with homemade homegrown vegetable soup) and checked the overall state of the urban homestead I hope to get everyone caught up with what happened these last two weeks.   Of course, I could write pages and pages but just going to stick to very brief highlights.  I am going to find it very hard to share all the photos though but I will do my best.

Before I get into a posting blitz mode (which may be interrupted by chores, etc) we want to thank those who have supported this site and our continuing outreach by either donating or purchasing from Freedom Seeds and Peddlers Wagon (those of you who ordered while we were away your seeds/supplies have either been sent out yesterday or going out today)

April is shaping up to be an insanely busy month so I better get to work writing!

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