P.O.S.K – "Essentials for a Post Petroleum World"

Peak Oil Survival Kit

On Saturday night Jules presented a going-away present to a friend and supporter of PTF of “useful” items we thought would come in handy for any upcoming disasters.

Thought you all would find some humor in its contents.

Here’s what the “POSK” kit contained (note: this was meant to be a “fungift”)

1. rock – for self defense
2. newspaper cut up in a nice roll – for toilet paper
3. “H&R” stick – renewable, environmentally friendly heater for winter. Instructions: heave stick as far as you can throw and retrieve , repeat as necessary till warm.
4. duck tape and plastic – for shelter or protection
5. emergency blanket – can be fashioned into a sun oven or used for emergency
6. waterproof matches – always useful
*7. deck of risqué playing cards – for boredom and loneliness
8. bottle of beer – for health and emergency
9. can of tuna fish – for barter in believing that food (especially meat) will be worth more than paper money
10. mask – protection against airborne diseases
12. chocolate – for barter or mental health purposes
13 The kit came in a nifty plastic 2 1/2 gallon container (that once held 15 lbs of organic bulk peanut butter) – to collect rainwater

Pretty cleaver list of items don’t you think?    It was Jules’s idea for the P.O.S.K kit as we brainstormed for a gift idea. Each family member contributed an idea or two for the contents of the kit (*deck of cards contributed by some friends – thanks for your contribution) if we had more time I think we could have come up with a few more quirky essentials.

After the presentation, laughs, high spirited comments and toast, Jules did solemnly note and was optimistic to point out that he hopes that we will not be forced to use any of these items in the future.   With the constant daily reminders of doom and gloom, sometimes we need laughter to get through this rocky and difficult path in the history of civilization.

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    What does P.O.S.K. mean? Hopefully it’s not something that all really educated people know…